Hearthstone Update 3 October: Balance Changes are Live

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Hearthstone's recently announced balance changes are now live.

In a slightly surprising move, Blizzard rolled out the latest patch on a Monday, when they are usually expected on a Tuesday. This will give Last Call competitors this weekend an extra day to test. There were only a couple of minor bug fixes in the rest of the patch.

The full list of nerfs can be found in our previous article, but the impacted cards are: Tuskarr TotemicYogg-Saron, Hope's EndRockbiter WeaponCall of the WildExecuteCharge, and Abusive Sergeant. You will get a full Dust refund on any of the cards on the list that have a Dust value if you disenchant them before October 17th PDT. As always, if you don't believe you will use the cards, then you should take the refund as you can always re-craft them later.

Do you think the meta will change much, or will it stay the same? Is Yogg-Saron, Hope's End still playable? Let us know what you think.

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If you get an error message after downloading the patch just do a scan and repair. (Cog wheel options under hearthstone)

As for the nerfs: good. Meta will change but not by a lot. Shaman and hunter will still see a lot of play, they'll simply be a little less strong/rng dependent and totem/midrange shaman should rise in popularity.
Yogg is still playable, but less as an extra win condition and more as a board clear.

Since I had both a golden Yogg and a normal one, I'm already happy with the massive dust gain.

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My post-nerf Yogg'Sarons landed high so far. 

Not so great for my opponents, though. I had, like, 2-3 spell Yogg'Sarons thrown at me for the last couple of hours. FeelsGoodMan.

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yogg certainly is still playable however its more vulnerable now. so the change killed my mage deck that purely focused around him. hybrid builds that include him for field control will still likely do fine. however, pure yogg decks can run head first into a couple walls. 

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From the dozen times I have played Yogg decks I think the balance is amazing now! About 5 were home runs for them (sucked) but 5 were also worthless because Yogg died like 2 spells in, then the last couple were just a wash leaving them with a small advantage but nothing critical.
I really notice the execute nerf more than I thought I would. Warrior seems manageable when it's trying to rush, can't clear near as well before turn 5.

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