Abusive Sergeant — Neutral Card

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Abusive Sergeant is a neutral minion. Below the card images, you will find explanations to help you use the card optimally in every game mode of Hearthstone.


General Comments

Abusive Sergeant is one of the most efficient Buff minions in the game. Being able to add 2 damage to the board for 1 Mana is a very strong ratio, and it can be very useful for enabling strong trades, or for creating damage to the opponent. It is not a card that is often played on curve on turn 1, but is instead usually best held for a turn where you can utilise its Battlecry effect. Since the patch on October 3rd, this card has lost a lot of its standalone power, but can still be used in a deck that is built entirely around buffing small minions such as Zoo Warlock.


Constructed Play

Abusive Sergeant is most often seen in Aggressive decks that either seek to maximise damage to the opponent with Charge minions, or flood the board with smaller minions and utilise buff effects to maintain an advantage. Since it was reduced to a 1/1 in a balance patch however, it is much less common to see and is reserved for more specific decks that rely heavily on buffs.



In Arena, Abusive Sergeant is one of the highest value 1-drop minions. Since many 1-drops have one health, and die extremely easily, the strong ones are those which are able to have an effect immediately before they die, and Abusive Sergeant fits this mold. The best use of Abusive Sergeant is to enable a strong trade on the board, sending your small minion into your opponent's larger one, since damage to the opposing Hero is usually of little consequence in Arena.