Arcane Artificer & Grand Archivist Reveals: Kobolds & Catacombs

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Two new Kobolds & Catacombs cards were released overnight and we'll be covering them in this article.

The first card was revealed by Chinese player Sowhan on a YouTube video. Since the video is in Chinese, here is a screencap of the English version of this Mage card:


Arcane Artificer was met with excitement by the community. Along with Ruby Spellstone, it makes for an excellent addition in Elemental Mage, a deck which is seemingly getting a second chance with Kobolds & Catacombs. The fact that this card was printed may also be a sign that Ice Block is going away at the start of the next Hearthstone year.

However, the card has some drawbacks and may have been overhyped. Elemental Mage mostly plays minions and not spells. Moreover, it's obvious that you cannot play this card on turn 1 (like you can do with Mana Wyrm), it requires some setup and it's also quite easy to remove. In Control Mage, Ice Barrier does the job better. It's definitely a good defensive resource for Mage, it's the type of card you would expect in Warrior, but I think Arcane Artificer is not as strong as people think. Still, for a 1-mana minion, it's well balanced and the effect has potential.

The second card was revealed by The used spell is removed from your deck.


The first impression from Grand Archivist is that it is yet another niche Epic card. It could fit well in classes with spells that have no targets, like Shaman and Priest. Nevertheless, you'd still need to build a deck around this card and it doesn't look like it's worth it.

The stats aren't that amazing for an 8-mana minion, weakening the 8-mana pool of minions for Evolve effects (just like Grizzled Guardian). It is stickier than Tortollan Primalist and has a better effect for constructed mode - but when did you ever see Tortollan in constructed? Even in Arena, Tortollan Primalist, which is generally an average-tier card, is better since it generates a random spell instead of pulling one from your deck (which may not contain any spells to begin with).

Let us know how you feel about these two card reveals in the comment section! Our Kobolds and Catacombs hub contains everything you need to know about the new Hearthstone expansion.

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I reckon this would be best in Shaman, I find that the majority of decent shaman spells you'd use in most decks are ones that already target a certain portion of the board. Maelstrom Portal, Lightning Storm and like mentioned in the article, Evolve, Devolve, Feral Spirits... I don't think it'd see any place in a serious deck but it's a step up from Tortollan Primalist.

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The fact that the used spell is actually removed from your deck makes the card pretty terrible I'd think. 8 mana, 4/7 with what amounts to a draw effect mixed with RNG. If it was a copy of the spell it might be worth it, then it would work as a taunt that your opponent needs to remove. As it is, this could be like some of the end of turn effects in late game, helps fatigue you and your opponent leaves it because 4 damage isn't scary.

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Grand Archivist first because it's short: Another high cost, low stats minion with random effect and another useless epic you will get instead of a good one (are there any good epics in K&C?). What a surprise -.-

Arcane Artificer: I think I like it. Fair stats for it's cost with a potential nice effect and no random bs. It's definitely not a minion you want to play in the first few turns but I can see late game potential. Play this followed by a Flamestrike and another 2 cost spell. Your opponents board is cleared and even if not completely or you expect some charge minions you have 9 armor which should help.  Additionally your opponent has to remove the Artificer or you will snowball up your armor but in the late game his/her tools worth to spend to remove a very weak minion might already be played.

I don't think the Artificer is that powerful but something that could be easily underestimated and generate some nice survival value. And it's a common, so I am sure it will see play at least to test it's value.

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The artificer is extremely over hyped Imo.  I think it would be great as a 1/3, but as a 1/2 it is kind if eh, and directly competes with Mana wyrn and fire fly, both of which are better.  Also you probably don't have room for any more 1 drops beyond those 2.  As for the archivist, pretty terrible.  Maybe in the Hunter deck with only call of the wild, even then, just sort of eeeeeh.

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