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Lord Godfrey Reveal: The Witchwood

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Warlock gets yet another board clearing card.

This Legendary minion was revealed on YouTube by Plag1at. The video is in Russian, but there are English subtitles.


Screencap from the video

First of all, I'd like to comment that it's unusual that Team 5 chose Lord Godfrey to be a Warlock minion from a lore perspective. He is listed as a Mage in Wowpedia and he is indeed wearing Cloth armor in World of Warcraft, but he's mostly seen dual wielding pistols. As a boss fight in a dungeon, he does have a skill called Cursed Bullets and he can summon Ghouls.

Anyway, moving on to the card itself, we have a better Defile with an actual 4/4 body. Plag1at smartly points out that the current Control or Cube Warlock meta decks don't actually have a 7-mana card, so Lord Godfrey fills out this gap nicely. The fact that the card isn't affected by its Battlecry is also very important: thrown in the pit against the enemy's board, Lord Godfrey can potentially win this brawl (pun intended) by clearing the field and being the sole survivor.

My only objection to this card, which may end up being its downfall, is that you can achieve the same effect with Defile and Tainted Zealot, a combo that costs only 4 mana. A 4/4 body at 7-mana isn't exactly great and with 7 mana in your tray you can do the Defile+Zealot combo AND tap or play a cheap minion like Mistress of Mixtures, Gnomeferatu, Plated Beetle, Kobold Librarian or Stonehill Defender.

What do you guys think? Keep up with the latest Witchwood news in our expansion hub.

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I really don't think there will be room in cube lock for this.  The deck only has a couple tech slots as it is, and I really don't know if standard control lock (which does have the room) will survive without nzoth, or to clarify a bit, I feel like control warlock will be at least a full tier below cube lock without Nzoth, which begs the question, why wouldn't you just play cube at that point.

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I think all your thought so far are viable but my first thought was, even at 7 mana it may be a late game swing, pretty much a more expensive Duskbreaker with potential more damage. As well as being 4/4 isn't huge at that time of a match but still ok and always good against priest.

Additionally looks like we get 2 minions for Warlock as class legends and none of them is a demon, so sad. And looks like they break with their usual concept, Now WL has 2 legends both minions, we know Shaman will have one Hero card. So not the same type of legends for all classes.

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