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Cheap Shot Reveal: The Witchwood

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Cheap Shot isn't the most efficient card in the world, but its versatility might earn it some play time in the new standard.


Yahoo Esports Taiwan brings us the latest card reveal for The Witchwood, and its another echo spell which underwhelms on curve but has the potential for some serious blowouts in the late game.



Card Image courtesy of Hearthpwn.com


The name of this card is a huge flavor win in my book, but is it playable? It's obviously no Backstab if you only plan to kill one minion with it, but something that Rogue has struggled with for a long time is killing multiple minions with a single spell. Cheap Shot isn't the most Mana efficient card in the world for doing that, but it can do it. And that's huge. I think plenty of Rogue decks will be happy to spend 6 Mana to kill 6 Health worth of minions instead of using Vanish to buy a turn of time. The efficiency on Cheap Shot might not be much to write home about, but I believe that its flexibility is potent enough for it to earn its way into a few decks.

What do you think about Cheap Shot? Let us know if you think it'll see play in the comments, and be sure to check out our Witchwood Hub for more information on the upcoming set.

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This is a pretty poor translation of what Cheap Shot is in WoW; how does this remotely resemble a 4-second stun stealth opener? Weird choice, when there are much better ways to convey repeated attacks, like Restless Blades or Mutilate, and so on.

Anyway, this is granular Forbidden Flame with the potential downside/upside of triggering multiple on-cast effects, and upside of doubling down (or more) on spell damage. Sherazin, Corpse Flower says "hi, I exist". The flexibility is really nice; obviously combos well with rogue staples Bloodmage ThalnosGadgetzan Auctioneer and Violet Teacher

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I'm not so much into playing rogue but it might see, as Oxygen said, play in Miracle Rogue. I doubt a tempo rogue has use for this.

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On one hand rogue love multiple spell triggers and damage, on the other Mana efficiency is a huge deal for rogues.  The synergy is high enough that I think it will be a 1 of in miracle, but I'm not sure what other rogue deck would want it.  That being said, with back stab and a dagger charge you can kill a 4 and a 3 health minion on turn 4, pretty alright.

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