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Augmented Elekk Reveal: The Boomsday Project

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This Epic neutral minion can keep increasing the cards on your deck, but don't forget that your deck can have a total size of 60 cards!

Augmented Elekk was revealed by RegisKillbin on YouTube:


Rogue can put this card into very good use: Augmented Elekk can work wonders with Fal'dorei Strider and the newly revealed Lab Recruiter, Pogo-Hopper and Academic Espionage cards for Valeera. The Beast tag isn't irrelevant, since the Elekk can also benefit from Dire Frenzy in a potential Quest Hunter deck. And let's not forget the absolutely evil Archbishop Benedictus and Weasel Tunneler combo. The vanilla stats on the card are also a plus.

The potential is there. Will this Epic minion see play? We'd like to see your thoughts on this! As always, our Boomsday Project hub contains everything you need to know about the upcoming expansion.

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Looks interesting, might be playable, doubt it though.  I don't think the upside is good enough to include it in miracle rogue, and I don't think most of the other shuffle cards will be strong enough to form a new archtype.  You really need a deck that can consistently abuse this card to make it worth it, and I am not seeing it.

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