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Pogo-Hopper Card Reveal

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Who cares about meta implications? Pogo-Hopper is a robo-bunny on a pogo stick!


Our early contender for "most beloved card of the expansion" has just been revealed by Tars:




My favorite part about Pogo-Hopper is... everything. It's a robo-bunny on a pogo stick! It has a dangerously powerful Battlecry, and it even breaks the 4th wall by depicting a card that is "bouncing". What's not to love?

Obviously, the goal with Pogo-Hopper is to bounce it or otherwise replay it as many times as you can. The first two Pogo-Hoppers are a bit underwhelming, but each Pogo-Hopper beyond that will be a "must answer" sized minion. Rogue is the class best suited to take advantage of a card like this thanks to ShadowstepValeera the HollowSonya Shadowdancer, and Vanish, but there are plenty of Neutral cards which can replay a Pogo-Hopper as well (Youthful BrewmasterZola the Gorgon). Perhaps Pogo-Hopper could replace The Caverns Below in a similar deck to Quest Rogue, with two Witchwood Pipers to dig for them?

We know Pogo-Hopper is adorable, but will it be playable? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out our Boomsday Hub for more card spoilers.

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Wild with Hobgoblin.

I wonder if they could fit a Crystal Core rogue. Bouncing them in and out would obviously buff them through the battlecry, and work with the Core's effect (their stats would be set, then buffed by the battlecry). Mmmhm...

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Maybe... The comparable Infinite Murloc was pretty underwhelming in the Caverns of Time event, but Rogue (unsurprisingly) has the best tools to cheat, so it might just work.

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1 hour ago, Keizoku said:

Maybe... The comparable Infinite Murloc was pretty underwhelming in the Caverns of Time event

That’s not to say a constructed Infinite Murloc deck couldn’t work though. Hoping to draft enough synergy in a randomised draft isn’t comparable to being able to optimise a deck around a synergy.

Interesting card. Works well with the new gang up minion. Hard to judge, could fall flat, could be ridiculous.

Does it definitely work with bounce effects? The text reads ‘for each other Pogo-Hopper’. If you bounce it back to hand and play it again, does it count as a new Pogo-Hopper and increase the +2/+2 counter, or count as another instance of the same Pogo-Hogger and not?


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I mean.  It is adorable, but almost certainly not playable.  Rogue has so many other, better things to copy, bounce, or shuffle back into its library.  But man will it be fun to kill someone with an army of these.

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