The Rumble Run Is Live!

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The single-player adventure, introduced along with the Rastakhan's Rumble expansion, is now available in all regions.

The Rumble Run is very similar to the Dungeon Run and the Monster Hunt, in the sense that you will face eight opponents and you will build your deck as you progress using card bundles, passives and powerful minions exclusive to this game mode.

Your hero will always be Rikkar, a young Troll champion eager to prove himself. In the beginning of your run, you will be offered three different Shrines (more on them in the next paragraph) from three different classes. This initial decision basically equals to you picking a Class for this run. The other eight classes will be your opponents.


Shrines exist as minions on the board and they have powerful effects. Each class has three different Shrines and each starting Shrine comes with a complementary deck of 10 minions that synergise with it. When a Shrine dies, it goes dormant for 3 turns and its effect isn't active until it comes back to life.

Subsequently, you will build your deck using card bundles, neutral passive abilities and class-specific minions exclusive to the Rumble Run.

If you finish the Rumble Run once with any class, you will earn this card back:


Good luck on this new adventure and we'll soon have a detailed guide on it!

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i found this yesterday when a log in... it was a surprise! (a good one).

I only play it once, using a rogue, I was able to beat the 8 bosses.

a few thing to say about the shrine

Shrine: 0/5 every time you cast a spell, cast it again in the same target.

If you have more than one Shrine the efect will NOT repeat.

There a "upgrade" to your shrine that let you "start with a copy of your shrine" that is a spell, so you start with 3 shrine instead of one.

The copied spells arent count as spell cast. (so, Gadgetzan Auctioneer will only draw a card for each).

The Counterfeit Coin will give you 2 mana.

Preparation will give you a 6 mana discount on your next spell

Backstab will hit 2 time (it doesn't matter that the target not longer apply to the card rules).

That's all I can remeber.


One more thing, you can't steal the oponent shrine, you cant Mind Control it, and it won't leave the field. If you try to Entomb it, you are going to waste the spell, bcose it wont do nothing. (ok, Rast will appear and tell you that you can't do that, that's it)

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Did it 2nd try with the paladin shrine that shoots 5 dmg to the enemys face when you take dmg.

Somehow I find this one pretty balanced (read: easy)

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Success with druid shrine "Gonk's Mark" (after you summon a minion, give it +1/+1).

My teammates were 1x Water Spirit and 2x Astral Raptor

Mostly chose the "Saplings" card bucket for mass treants. The shrine upgrade was "Wrath of the Loas" (Your Shrines have "Deathrattle: Destory all enemy Shrines.") Seventh boss (Armor Warrior) didnt make any attempt to destroy my shrine, even though he had multiple chances to do so - not even when his own shrine was inactive anyway. Eighth boss (Deathrattle Priest) didn't bother too much trying to kill it, at least much less than every other boss before, when the shrine didnt have the deathrattle.

My advice though: Try to add some card buckets with spells to your deck - if you choose Saplings, I didnt find much use in Treespeaker (5/4/4 Battlecry: Transform your Treants into 5/5 Ancients)

Anyhow, the Rumble Runs are mostly based on luck, so good luck to you. The card back is ugly af btw

EDIT: I really wish they would allow you to choose the shrine you want, rather than get a selection of three random shrines, when you completed a rumble run. The replay value is rather low already, would have the incentive to play the rumble again for fun if I could choose fun shrines (discardlock, hero power mage e.g.)

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Mh, I am a little disappointed.

No reward for completing it is kind of poor. Why not a legendary card? Or at least 3 packs?

The run itself (did it with druid) seemed kind of easy, the shrine is extrmly strong. And since the enemy has no incredible strong hero power and plays with "normal" cards winning was easy.

I was lucky with the (imo great) pick of the minion, that costs 0, has 2/1, automatically starts in your hand and gives 2 manacrystal on death: Awesome.

You start with +1 card (this card), you can play it on turn 1 (0 mana!!) and it becomes a 3/2 on turn 1. If you have a 1-drop you get a 3/2 and a 2/2 or someting like that. On turn 1. -> Very strong, you will probably be able to take the enemy totem out at turn 2.

And after your 3/2 dies it'll give you 2 mana crystals.

Best deal ever.


But why the *filtered* can't I choose which class I want to play??

How stupid is this? If I want to play a specific class I have to restart the run several times? That is ridicilous.

RNG that is that big that you can't even decide you want to play Mage? "No, you are not allowed to play mage. Play Warrior. Or restart this challenge 5 times until I am kind enough to offer you the hero you want to play. And if you fail in your run and want to try the same hero (shrine) again? Well, your problem, not mine. You know the drill, just restart the challenge a few more times."


Seriously, isn't there a single one at Blizzard that acutally PLAYS what they program?

If they do they should reailze in 5 seconds that the "you can't choose which hero you want to play" is a bad joke.

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i'm not sure it is intended or not but i was able to create copies of my shrine by priest spirit or even get the opponents shrine by seance. of course filling up your board with bunch of shrines is not good. (btw had a blast with mage hero power shrine)

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I still do not like the RNG at the beginning.

I'd like to choose which hero / shrine I want to play, because shrines differ a lot.

Horrible decision.

BUT: The shrines are very interesting.

I tried two more shrines and I enjoyed it a lot.

Not as easy as I thought at the beginning. There are shrines that can *filtered* you quite badly:

The Priest shrine (healing the enemy deals damage instead) slaughtered me in one game.

The more HP a shrine has, the more difficult IMO.

And the priest healing shrine has 8 hp, which is heavy.


Please change the beginning, let everybody choose what they want to play - then you have a realy great single-player part. :)

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      The second week of this Tavern Brawl includes a new round of Shrines for each class.
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    • By Zadina
      The Season of Rastakhan has begun and today we have the first round of the Brawl of the Champions.
      As already explained, the Rumble Run is being brought into the Tavern Brawl and you can play one of the special Rumble Run decks against real opponents. Each class has three different Shrines, that promote different playstyles and are accompanied by premade decks that synergise with their respective Shrine.
      Here are the Shrines for this week:
      Druid: Bonds of Balance - At the end of your turn, gain Attack equal to your hero's Attack Hunter: Halazzi's Guise - Whenever you summon a Beast, it gains Rush, Taunt, or Poisonous. Mage: Jan'alai's Flame - Your Hero Power costs (O). Whenever it kills a minion, refresh it. Paladin: Shirvallah's Grace - After you cast a spell on a friendly minion, cast a copy of it on this one. Priest: Bwonsamdi's Tome - After you cast a spell, add a random Priest spell to your hand. Rogue: Bottled Terror - Your other minions have Stealth. Deathrattle: Give your minions +2 Attack. Shaman: Krag'wa's Grace - Your spells cost (2) less. Warlock: Blood Pact - Your spells cost Health instead of Mana. Warrior: Akali's Horn - Your minions have "Overkill: This can attack again". Unsurprisingly, the Shrines that are good in the Rumble Run are also effective versus actual opponents. This bunch of Shrines is quite decent, with the Priest and Mage ones being standouts. The weakest classes for this week are Warlock, Warrior and Hunter.
      The Brawl of the Champions itself, like all Tavern Brawls, rewards a Classic card pack upon victory. However, you can complete the seasonal repeatable quest by playing the Brawl 3 times to earn a Rastakhan's Rumble card pack.
    • By Zadina
      Joseph Magdalena is here to talk about the Season of Rastakhan event, which will begin on February 13.
      As we already know, this event will start in a couple of days and it will last until March 3. It's all about the Tavern Brawl mode during the three-week Season of Rastakhan as each week you will get a special quest to play 3 Tavern Brawls; the quest will award a Rastakhan's Rumble card pack.
      The Tavern Brawl will be the same each week and it's called the Brawl of Champions. Remember the Rumble Run? Well, now you will get to play against real opponents as one of the heroes of the Rumble Run, along with their special Shrine and complimentary deck. Since each class has 3 different Shrines in the Rumble Run, the Shrines for each class will be different each week and you will be able to swap classes if you choose so.
    • By Zadina
      Due to Update 13.2 going live a few hours later than intended, the Lunar New Year event will last one more day.
      The event will now finish on February 13 in the US and February 14 in Europe. Therefore, everyone will get an extra quest that awards both Gold and Arcane Dust! Don't forget that the day the Lunar Festival concludes, a new Tavern Brawl-centered event will begin: the Season of Rastakhan.
      Hey everyone!
      Due to the delays we hit yesterday with recent update pushing into the time for the Lunar New Year event, we are going to be extending the end date by a full day. The event will now last until February 13.
      Cheers and thanks again for your patience!