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Tavern Brawl - The Blackrock Crash, Part 1

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The FIRE FEST-E.V.I.L. kicks off with the first ever Dungeon Run-style Tavern Brawl. Beat it in good time to earn some Golden cards.


The FIRE FEST-E.V.I.L. is officially underway, and with it the first new Tavern Brawl: the Blackrock Crash!

This is the first ever Tavern Brawl to follow a Dungeon Run-style format. Take control of Hero versions of Heistbaron TogwaggleBlastmaster BoomMadame Lazul and Swampqueen Hagatha with powerful Hero Powers and face down a gauntlet of eight bosses, culminating in a showdown with Ragnaros the Firelord.

You'll be rewarded handsomely for your efforts. Defeat four bosses for the first time and you'll get a Saviors of Uldum pack to open on release day. Beat all eight to get the Ragnaros card back. (Veterans will recognise this card back as the reward for reaching Rank 20 all the way back in March 2015.)

That's not all that's on offer - you're also being timed. If you defeat Ragnaros within an hour, you'll be awarded a Golden Bronze Herald; do it under 40 minutes and you'll get a Golden Recurring Villain. Nice!

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About the time limit: note that the wall clock time is counted, not your actual play time. So you really have to play your run straight in one go, without a pause.

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Right. Time for a bit of post-mortem on this one.

For those who aren't familiar with them, you will face six of the Blackrock's Spire adventure bosses on normal mode during this brawl; only Ragnaros and Nefarian are different versions (from the Rag vs. Nef Brawl, if I'm not mistaken). They have been slightly reworked (Less HP, a couple different cards like Adaptation for Garr) but they are broadly identical to their adventure/brawl version. Quick overview:

- Omokk: Ignore his hero power, rush him down.

- Geddon: Mulligan for a  solid curve and rush him down.

- Omnotron: rush him down

- Garr: unless you have an extremely explosive opener (see below for an example), it is probably safer to deal with his Firesworn peacemeal and chip him down

- Atramedes: You have to be a bit greedy with the weapon removal cards, but SMORC is often the best approach.

- Nefarian: He can get some nasty surprises with his hero power, but once again, taking him down as fast as possible before he can play truly nasty things is the safe bet.

- Vaelastrasz: The hardest boss of the whole run, he will punish you for playing anything else than all-out aggro by forcing you to powerdraw and mill through your deck while threatening you with some big nasties. Go face, go quickly!

- Ragnaros: he starts with a 2/6 Sulfuras in hand, with which he'll try to control the board before it grants him DIE, INSECT! You can either take advantage of that by dumping anything you can on the board and (let him) chip him(self) down. Or you can try to control the board and go greedy. But in bose cases, beware his multiple Son of the FlameWhirling AshLiving Lava and Molten Giant that can create insane boards from nowhere.


So, the next question is, which hero to use? Well: 

Rogue: you play as Togwaggle. His hero power, Yoink!, isn't that great but his starting deck is utterly insane. Bag of Coins and Greedy Pickaxe allow for incredibly explosive openers, and Trolden must be flooded with videos of turn one 22/22 Edwin VanCleef by now.

Warrior: You play as Dr. Boom. His Hero power allow you to shuffle two 5-damage bombs in your opponent's deck (!!!) which is very powerful but hit-and-miss. Luckily he also has access to a couple of Pirate Warrior's nasty tricks (N'Zoth's First Mate into Bloodsail Cultist, for instance) which allows him to go fast when needed.

Shaman: You play as Hagatha. Her deck is rather on the slow side, but her hero power that transforms a minion into one that costs one more is very handy in this brawl. It helps keeping board control whatever happens, and it gets rid of the multiple nasty effects like corruption or living flame on some bosses. Vaelastrasz is a pain, though.

Priest: You play as Madame Lazul. And Madame Lazul is. Too. Slow! Her hero power helpzs her get better trades... but you don't want to trade, you want to kill bosses ASAP. Avoid her, unless you want a real challenge.


PS: If you try to go the aggressive way, the Hand of Rafaam treasure is actually pretty decent since the bosses have a relatively limited HP pool and start at best with 2 mana. You'll get some solid chip damage in on top of them not doing much for a few turns, and it helps. A lot. 

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Played rogue, beat the fist boss, defeat.

Played Warrior, lost the to first boss.

Played priest, lost to the first boss.

Played shaman, beat Ragnaros with 1 hp at 34min mark.

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