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Saviors of Uldum Card Reveals: Siamat, King Phaoris, and More

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Three new cards from the next expansion have been revealed. Two came via a much-anticipated CGI animation by YouTuber AmazingLP.


Four new Saviors of Uldum cards have been revealed since last night: Siamat, King Phaoris, Flame Ward, and Sahket Mercenary.

Two of them came via a spectacular short film by YouTuber AmazingLP, posted in the early hours of this morning. You may already recognise the name - AmazingLP's animated card reveal videos over the last few expansions have developed a cult following of their own in the Hearthstone community.

His latest work is bigger and better than ever before, and looks to have been filmed on-location in an actual desert. Check it out below:


Here are the two cards revealed in the video - Siamat, a Neutral Legendary, and Flame Ward, a Mage Secret:

SiamatFlame Ward

Siamat is a versatile card that could fit in a variety of different deck types. If it turns out to be powerful, it could become quite ubiquitous, as we've seen with Zilliax and others. It's especially appealing to a Battlecry Shaman deck running the new Quest, Corrupt the Waters, as the Heart of Vir'naal can be used to give it all four keywords.

World of Warcraft players may recognise Siamat as the final boss of the Lost City of the Tol'vir, a dungeon in Uldum.

Flame Ward looks like a decent tool for battling off wide boards, something Secret-based Mage decks have struggled with in the past. Saviors of Uldum has introduced a lot of support for this archetype already in Cloud Prince and Arcane Flakmage.

Moving on, we have King Phaoris, revealed by Eurogamer

King Phaoris

It's a card which rewards you for running lots of spells, and lots of expensive spells at that. Possible homes for it could be in Druid, which has lots of expensive spells including the new Overflow, and Mage, which can even summon 10-Drops with the new Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron.

Finally, we have Sahket Sapper, a new 4-Drop for Rogue, revealed by a streamer on the Chinese playform Huya.

Sahket Sapper

It's a powerful Deathrattle for tempo, but your opponent does get to choose when to let it go off (unless you combine it with something like Necrium Blade). Notably, it's a Pirate, putting Rogue one step closer to a viable Captain Hooktusk deck.

That's everything for this morning. Check out our Saviors of Uldum hub for more information on the next expansion, plus every card revealed so far.

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The video is awesome, as usual with AmazingLP. I'm not sure I got all the scenario's details, but technically it is breathtaking.

Flame Ward is excellent, I wanted a new Mage secret and here it is. It's better than Explosive Trap in my opinion, not only because it deals more damage to the minions, but also because it doesn't trigger if the enemy hero attacks you face. So it is harder to test and trigger, at least one enemy minion will have to take the damage.

I like Siamat too, it is expensive but I always appreciate when I can choose something at casting time to adapt to the situation. All 4 keywords are useful, and I'm sure it will be a tough choice to exclude 2 of them, but I am reasonably certain it will be pretty powerful in practice. Which must be the reason why they made it a legendary.

Not convinced by King Phaoris, it is pretty expensive, and you get random minions, so no guarantee. Huge tempo loss on the turn you play it, and no immediate possibility of combo because it costs 10. With Khadgar on the board, that would already be better, but in general Khadgar doesn't stick, so you'd have to use Luna's Pocket Galaxy first in order to be able to play both on the same turn. Now a combo based on 3 legendary cards that must be drawn in the right order will be hard to setup I'm afraid.

I don't like Sahket Mercenary at all, too expensive for its body considering that its deathrattle could help the opponent in certain circumstances (Battlecry Shaman, and most Rogue decks these days). Might be a side-deck card for Specialist tournaments at best.

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2 hours ago, Dejo93 said:

Secret mage is gonna be a blast this expansion


Its not gonna be like 'Hide behind Ice Block and throw whatever you have to your opponents face' at least.

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That mage secret may be too strong.   3 damage to enemies only for 3 mana(compare to consecrate targeting enemies only at 2 damage for 4, or warlock doing 3 damage to all minions, etc).     Yes, they have to attack, but...the cases when enemies don't attack and still win are a bit on the rare side.    The only downside is if Druid could give the treeant deathrattle first or the murloc do theirs or similar, but the decks with those options in hand will be the exception to the rule.

Somewhere, Gul'Dan is crying.

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