Gaming Guide and Best Builds

Gaming Guide and Best Builds for Genshin Impact

Gaming is a 4-star Pyro Claymore character in Genshin Impact who acts as a Plunge Attack DPS. Our Gaming build guide will focus on his Best Artifacts, Team Comps, Ascension Materials and More.

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A Rating
Pyro Element
Claymore Weapon
Caleb Yen EN Voice Actor
Komatsu Shouhei JP Voice Actor

Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Incredibly powerful 4-star being better than many 4-stars allowing him to compete against 5-stars at C6.
  • +Very High Base Attack for a 4-star character.
  • +Plunge attack gameplay based around repeated use of their Elemental Skill.
X Weaknesses
  • -Best weapon is locked to the battle pass and is unable to be obtained through gameplay or wishes.
  • -Elemental Skill does not always allow Plunging if the initial hit fails to land properly.
  • -It can be hard to find Gaming's Suanni Man Chai during the heat of battle to reset the CD of his Skill.

Main DPS Gaming

Gaming is primarily played as a Main DPS dealing Plunging Attack DMG via repeated uses of their Elemental Skills. Gaming actually has a more unique situation where their best weapon is actually from the Battle Pass.

BiS Weapon Serpent Spine
Alternative Weapons
  1. Verdict
  2. Beacon of the Reed Sea
  3. Redhorn Stonethresher
  4. Wolf's Gravestone
  5. Rainslasher
  6. Mailed Flower
Best Artifacts
  1. Marechaussee Hunter
  2. Crimson Witch of Flames
Main Stats
  • Sand Stats: ATK % or Elemental Mastery
  • Goblet Stats: Pyro DMG
  • Circlet Stats: CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG
Substat Priority
  1. Energy Recharge to requirements
  2. CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG
  3. Elemental Mastery
  4. ATK %
Talent Priority
  1. Elemental Skill
  2. Elemental Burst
  3. Normal Attack

Gaming's best weapon is Serpent Spine as long as you can maintain at least a couple of the weapons stacks generated by not taking damage. Beacon of the Reed Sea and Verdict are incredibly close to each other and also Serpent Spine. If you are not a player who purchases the Battle Pass, then Verdict is your best option.

Gaming's best artifacts are Crimson Witch of Flames and Marechaussee Hunter both being extremely competitive. Marechaussee works incredibly well due to Skills, Ascension Passives and Constellations all having HP-Manipulation mechanics. Crimson Witch tends to be better at C6. Stat priorities focus primarily on CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG however Elemental Mastery can be important in Vaporize reaction teams. Gaming wants around 130 - 160% Energy Recharge.

Gaming's Elemental Skill is his most important talent to focus on and is where the majority of his DMG comes from.


Combos and How to Play Gaming

Gaming's gameplay is focused on dealing Plunge Attack DMG but instead of having to jump into the air, he can use Bestial Ascent which automatically jumps into the air with a different animation and not attacking directly with his Claymore.

Gaming's Elemental Burst, Suanni's Gilded Dance allows Gaming to enter a Wushou Stance and summoning the Suanni Man Chai. When Plunge Attacking with the Elemental Skill, the Man Chai will also land at a random part of the floor nearby. When you get close to the Man Chai they link with Gaming to reset his Skill Cooldown.

This means as soon as you finish a Plunging Attack: Charmed Cloudstrider you want to find your Man Chai to link and allow yourself another Plunging Attack. Your rotation becomes:

  • Bestial Ascent
  • Suanni's Gilded Dance
  • Bestial Ascent spam

Gaming Best Team Comps

Gaming's best team comps are those which either enable his Plunging Attack playstyle or those that help to apply Elements and increase his Amplifying DMG as a result of Plunging Attacks not having an Internal Cooldown.


Gaming Xianyun Plunge

Main DPS Support Support Support
Gaming Furina Bennett Xianyun
Main DPS Sub DPS Support Support
Gaming Bennett

The first team is Gaming's best team, using the incredibly powerful pairing of Furina and Xianyun to deal great Plunge Vaporize damage. Bennett, in this team, provides both Pyro Resonance as well as another DMG boost. At C6, Bennett also provides a Pyro Infusion to Gaming. This can be great and allows Gaming to utilise Xianyun's Elemental Burst to alternate between Plunging Attacks from Bestial Ascent and Normal Plunging Attacks now infused with Pyro.

Other Vaporize teams have also been listed as well using characters such as Xingqiu, Sucrose, Yelan and Kazuha.


Melt Gaming Team

Main DPS Sub DPS Support Support
Gaming Rosaria

Melt teams are another way in which you can play Gaming. Rosaria having steady Cryo application can be great here. Bennett is the ideal option for your Anemo Kazuha or Sucrose so that you Swirl Pyro. Diona and Layla can be helpful options if you feel you need additional Cryo application or Bennett is being used elsewhere but it will be noticeably less DMG compared to using Bennett.


Gaming's Ascensions, Talents and Constellations

Gaming's Ascensions Gaming's Talents Gaming's Constellations

Gaming's Ascension Passives and Materials

Unlock Ascension Passive Explanation
With Character The Striding Beast Increases the Movement SPD of your own party members by 10% during the day (6:00 – 18:00). Does not take effect in Domains, Trounce Domains, or Spiral Abyss.
1st Ascension Dance of Amity After Bestial Ascent's Plunging Attack: Charmed Cloudstrider hits an opponent, Gaming will regain 1.5% of his Max HP once every 0.2s for 0.8s.
4th Ascension Air of Prosperity When Gaming has less than 50% HP, he will receive a 20% Incoming Healing Bonus. When Gaming has 50% HP or more, Plunging Attack: Charmed Cloudstrider will deal 20% more DMG.

Gaming requires a range of materials to ascend to the 6th ascension. Starting from the second ascension he gains ATK % as he levels, giving a total of 24% Bonus ATK % at the final ascension. The total cost to upgrade all ascensions is:

Source Quantity
Mora 420,000 Mora
Boss Material 46x Emperor's Resolution
Ascension Material
Local Specialty 168x Starconch
Enhancement Material
  • 18x Slime Condensate
  • 30x Slime Secretions
  • 36x Slime Concentrate

Gaming's Talents

Listed below is each talent and a simplified explanation of how they work.

Type Talent Name Brief Explanation
Normal Normal Attack: Stellar Rend Normal Attack deals 4 strikes with the final strike having a unique animation. Charged Attack and Plunging Attack are normal for Claymore characters.
Elemental Skill Bestial Ascent Leaps high into the air to deal a powerful Plunging Attack: Charmed Cloudstrider to nearby enemies. This Plunging Attack is Pyro DMG and Gaming will consume HP while doing his Plunging Attack.
Elemental Burst Suanni's Gilded Dance Enters the Wushou Stance which applies Pyro to Gaming and recovers HP. Gaming summons the Suanni Man Chai which when close to Gaming, resets the Cooldown of Bestial Ascent allowing for repeated uses during the Elemental Burst's 12s duration.

To upgrade a single talent to level 10, it costs:

Source Quantity
Mora 1,625,500 Mora
Special Material 1x Crown of Insight
Boss Material 6x Lightless Mass
Domain Material
  • 3x Teachings of Prosperity
  • 21x Guide to Prosperity
  • 38x Philosophies of Prosperity
Enhancement Material
  • 6x Slime Condensate
  • 22x Slime Secretions
  • 31x Slime Concentrate

Gaming's Constellations

Gaming is a character who gets better with each constellation having decent DMG increases.That being said, Soar Across Mountains (C4) is a great constellation for Gaming if you need a stopping point. This allows additional Energy Generation while dealing Plunging Attack: Charmed Cloudstrider's.

# Name Explanation
C1 Bringer of Blessing When the Suanni Man Chai from Suanni's Gilded Dance meets back up with Gaming, it will heal 15% of Gaming's HP.
C2 Plum Blossoms Underfoot When Gaming receives healing and this instance of healing overflows, his ATK will be increased by 20% for 5s.
C3 Awakening Spirit
  • Increases the Level of Bestial Ascent by 3.
  • Maximum upgrade level is 15.
C4 Soar Across Mountains When Bestial Ascent's Plunging Attack: Charmed Cloudstrider hits an opponent, it will restore 2 Energy to Gaming. This effect can be triggered once every 0.2s.
C5 Evil-Daunting Roar
  • Increases the Level of by 3.
  • Maximum upgrade level Suanni's Gilded Dance is 15.
C6 To Tame All Beasts Bestial Ascent's Plunging Attack: Charmed Cloudstrider CRIT Rate increased by 20% and CRIT DMG increased by 40%, and its attack radius will be increased.


  • 13 Mar. 2024: Removed mentions of Beacon being unavailable now the new banners exist.
  • 30 Jan. 2024: Guide added.
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