Communication Overflow Summoner Guide for Lost Ark

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Summoner unleashes powerful arcane arts and summons primal beings to force her enemies into submission. Equipped with a magical rod, Summoner is capable of calling upon multiple Ancient Summons, all serving a different purpose to ensure she's ready for any situation.


Communication Overflow Summoner: Skill Builds and Rotations

If you're looking for further information on the Communication Overflow Icon Communication Overflow build for Summoner, the following links will provide that for you.


Communication Overflow Summoner Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +High APM and fast paced gameplay
  • +Consistent DPS class and high mobility, good for progging content
  • +Relatively easy entry and good damage floor
X Weaknesses
  • -Power doesn't really spike until relic gear
  • -Doesn't build as much Identity as Master Summoner
  • -Wants 7-8 damage gems which can be very expensive

Chaos Dungeon Skill Build


Raid Skill Builds

You'll have the option to pick between Earth Collapse Icon Earth Collapse, Steed Charge Icon Steed Charge & Winged Spirit Icon Winged Spirit as your eighth skill. Earth Collapse Icon Earth Collapse does the highest amount of damage and also deals weak point damage. Steed Charge Icon Steed Charge has less damage but also a lower cooldown with good stagger ability. Winged Spirit Icon Winged Spirit is the less common, namely used with the Charming relic set.


Overflow's Playstyle

Summoner could be broken down into optimizing within your self buffs from Sticky Moss Swamp Icon Sticky Moss Swamp, Shurdi Icon Shurdi and Elcid Icon Elcid while managing your Ancient and Pet summons. It's easier said that done as your rotation can also change depending on what skills you end up taking. There's also animation cancels on Ancient Spear Icon Ancient Spear that are crucial to learn if you want to maximize your DPS. With a duration of 5.0 seconds, you can fit two non-Pet skills within Sticky Moss Swamp Icon Sticky Moss Swamp and/or Elcid Icon Elcid's buff window. Shurdi Icon Shurdi grants additional Critical Rate while active and is used off cooldown for full uptime. Regardless of your build, you can follow a set opener using Kelsion Icon Kelsion serving as a cancel for Ancient Spear Icon Ancient Spear:

Communication Overflow Opener

Afterwards, you'll have to adjust your rotation depending on what skill selection you chose. Though keep in mind that while there are "rotations", it's heavily dependent on what gems and level tripods you have available. The following below assume you have sufficient level tripods and gems to perform this. Always test in Trixion yourself and see what you can do to adjust if necessary!


Earth Collapse

Earth Collapse Example

Your Ancients, like Alimaji Icon Alimaji, can also cancel Ancient Spear Icon Ancient Spear and has a low orb cost. You want to prioritize Akir Icon Akir inside your buff windows.


Steed Charge

Steed Charge Example

Out of the three, this one is very easy to perform and doesn't require max level tripods. At least level 3 or 4 is recommended to ensure that nothing hard clips and you're stuck for a second or two doing nothing. With higher level tripods and gems you could reverse Steed Charge Icon Steed Charge and Ancient Spear Icon Ancient Spear's position, coupling the latter with Sticky Moss Swamp Icon Sticky Moss Swamp. In theory this does allow you to use Ancient Spear Icon Ancient Spear on cooldown. It's far tighter and drifting Ancient Spear Icon Ancient Spear causing a desync in your rotation, negating any increase in damage this would have offered.


Winged Spirit

Winged Spirit Example

The above does assume you're building with the Charming relic set and are not taking Master Summoner Icon Master Summoner, as it'll change Phoenix to just be a singular hit.



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