How to Efficiently Earn Silver in Lost Ark

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Silver is one of the main currencies in Lost Ark and is used in various things throughout the entire game.


Introduction to Earning Silver

While not holding the importance of Gold, Silver does have a lot of uses and is required for a variety of activities and things such as repairs, rerolling gems, and honing in Lost Ark. Having a steady income of Silver is vital to never running dry, as getting Silver fast can prove challenging to many players. Ideally, you have tasks laid out for you that you can do quickly and repeatedly to build a healthy amount of Silver backing when you need it.


Use of Silver

Silver Silver has a variety of uses in Lost Ark. These uses range from utility to being used as currency for trading. While it may not seem like an issue for a new player, there are tons of Silver sinks in the late game, and having a proper way of generating the currency is of huge importance.



Normal HP Potions and Chaos Shards are the most common items you will buy with Silver. Traveling merchants offer cards and food as well as adventure book items, which are also purchased with Silver.

Potion merchant


In order to hone your gear, you have to completely fill the progress gauge with shards, and alongside those shards, you also need Silver.

Enchanting silver

Refaceting Gems

Rerolling the gems to match the required skill is one of the biggest Silver sinks in the game, as lategame gems can easily blow through millions in a matter of minutes. Be careful when starting the rerolls to not end up in a rage that consumes all of your Silver.

Refaceting gems


Repairing both your normal gear and trade skill tools requires Silver. Repairing your ship takes a small fee as well.

Tool repairs


Using Triport Triports, the Sea Liners (also known as Sea Taxi), or simply teleporting around with your Bifrost will consume Silver.


Obtaining Silver

There are multiple ways to obtain Silver, and most of them are recurring tasks or activities that you should complete.



Simply finishing Quest main and side story quests rewards you with a decent amount of Silver. While not the main income, it definitely helps out with the initial costs that you need to cover.

Quest Reward

Una's Tasks Daily Silver Rewards

The most common way for a lot of people is to complete three Una's Task Una's Tasks on Lopand Island. With the use of Bifrost teleports, you can clear those in a matter of minute and generate a decent amount of Silver every day. While this method does not seem to generate much Silver, this stacks up quickly and can be easily repeated on every character as it requires no combat.

Una Daily

Una's Tasks Weekly Silver Rewards

While not recommended, you can also complete three weekly tasks that grant a small amount of Silver. Those rewards are ideally used for hard to come by things such as upgrade materials or ability stones.

Una Weekly


A lot of NPCs have Silver locked away behind Rapport rapport rewards in the form of coins (Silver, Gold, Platinum). Simply right click those to obtain Silver.


Chaos Dungeons

The first two Chaos Dungeon Chaos Dungeons clear per day grant you a good amount of Silver alongside of other materials. This is easily the best method for consistently collecting Silver. Every subsequent run after the initial first two will still grant Silver but in a much lower quantity.


Dimensional Cube Rewards

Dimensional Cube Tickets can be obtained through Chaos Dungeons and the weekly Guild exchange box. Clearing a number of floors in a Cube run grants you a box which increases in quality as you clear more floors. Upon exiting the Cube or getting the final (Diamond) chest you get a good amount of Silver alongside with other rewards. You can also encounter bonus floors for extra Silver.


Sylmael Bloodstone Guild Contribution

Being part of a Guild allows you to obtain crystals called Sylmael Sylmael Bloodstones. These can be used to buy weekly Silver boxes as well as ticket boxes which can also contain Silver. While not a big amount, having a number of characters in guilds will boost your income for very minimal effort.

Guild Exchange

Adventure Island

Some Adventure Islands will also grant you a fair amount of Silver. This reward scales based to your item level, so always use your highest item level character available. To check which island has the reward, open the Procyon's Compass and look for the Silver icon.

Adventure Island

Sea Bounty

Collecting enough Sea Bounties allows you to reap the rewards from the collectible NPC on the cruise ship Peyto.

Sea Bounty

The rewards start low but go up to a couple million for the bigger coin chests. Keep in mind, they do require some effort to get to.

Sea Bounty Reward

Buying Silver with Gold

BEWARE: This is absolutely not recommended! It is highly advised to never ever use this option, but you can exchange your Gold into Silver at the Gold Merchant, located in every major city. The rates are atrociously bad, and I would personally never ever consider this option to be viable unless you have a limitless supply of Gold.


Example Farming Route

As mentioned above earlier, setting up routes to farm Silver fast and efficiently is key here. An example farm route could be:

  • Set up three Lopang Island Una's tasks for each alt character you have, one who does not need other materials. Set the first Bifrost location to Lopang Island, then another Bifrost at each of the final destination NPCs for each quest.
  • Farm Chaos Dungeons (the first two) on every character that you can.
  • Run Dimensional Cube whenever you have ticket.

The more characters you can do this with, the higher your daily Silver income will be. The Una daily rewards also scale with item level, so the higher your characters are, the more Silver that can be earned.



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