Arthetinean Skill Machinist Skill Guide for Lost Ark

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High-tech and style combine to make Machinist a force to be reckoned with. Equipped with a SMG and their drone, this class is also capable of going full-robot mode with the Hypersync ability. Machinist conquers its enemies with Joint, Drone, or Sync skills.


Arthetinean Skill: Skill Descriptions, Tripods, Gems and Runes

Normal skills give you Battery regen and some have mobility attached to them. Certain skills grant you the Reload buff increasing Attack and Move Speed.

  • Mobile Shot Icon Mobile Shot is an on-demand roll that gives Move Speed via it's tripod Quickness Icon Quickness making this a very good escape tool.
  • Avalanche Icon Avalanche serves as your counter and grants Reload stacks.
  • Overcharged Battery Icon Overcharged Battery is your only weak point skill and this provides 6.0% damage Synergy to the party.
  • Strategic Fire Icon Strategic Fire is a holding skill that also refreshes your Reload buff.

Drone skills command your drone to attack and cost Battery gauge to use. All of these skills generate Core Energy.

  • Command: Baby Drones Icon Command: Baby Drones sends in mini kamikaze drones, has a bit of animation lock to it but does good damage.
  • Command: Raid Missile Icon Command: Raid Missile fires a barrage of missiles that deal high damage. You'll be able to use a Normal skill while the drone is busy before recalling or using a Joint skill.
  • Command: Carpet Icon Command: Carpet drops bomb on top of the drone's location and deals pretty good damage. If you don't want to use Strategic Fire Icon Strategic Fire, this skill is stronger if you can land three or more bombs.

Joint skills recall your drone to you as you attack in unison. These also use Battery gauge and generate Core Energy.



Prioritize leveling all of your Drone & Joint skill tripods to level 4 or 5. For Normal skills, Mobile Shot Icon Mobile Shot's first two tripods should be maxed as soon as possible. Quickness Icon Quickness really helps with maintaining the Atk./Move Speed buff.

Skill Name Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Mobile Shot Quick Prep Icon Quick Prep (High) Quickness Icon Quickness (High) Additional Maneuver Icon Additional Maneuver
Avalanche Diversion Icon Diversion (N/A) Zero Degree Aim Icon Zero Degree Aim (Medium) Concise Finish Icon Concise Finish (Medium)
Overcharged Battery Fighting Spirit Enh. Icon Fighting Spirit Enh. (N/A) (N/A) (N/A)
Strategic Fire Weak Point Detection Icon Weak Point Detection (Medium) Additional Shot Icon Additional Shot (Medium) Evolved Shot Icon Evolved Shot (Medium)
Command: Baby Drones Precise Command Icon Precise Command (Medium) Flame Baby Icon Flame Baby (Medium) All-out War Icon All-out War (Medium)
Command: Raid Missile Battery Discharge Icon Battery Discharge (Medium) Organ Missile Icon Organ Missile (Medium) Weak Point Detection Icon Weak Point Detection (Medium)
Command: Carpet Battery Saving Mode Icon Battery Saving Mode (Medium) Explosive Barrage Icon Explosive Barrage (Medium) Weak Point Detection Icon Weak Point Detection (Medium)
Annihilation Mode Battery Saving Mode Icon Battery Saving Mode (Medium) Reformation Icon Reformation (Medium) Comrade Icon Comrade (Low)
Energy Buster Condense Icon Condense (N/A) Flame Buster Icon Flame Buster (Medium) Meltdown Icon Meltdown (Medium)

Skill Runes

Arthetinean Skill Icon Arthetinean Skill does use Conviction Icon Conviction and Judgment Icon Judgment, typically placed on multi-hit abilities. Machinist doesn't have a static rotation, it's up to player's perference what skills they would want those runes on. While not required it helps with your Battery economy and reduces cooldowns.


Normal Skills


Drone Skills


Joint Skills

Both Annihilation Mode Icon Annihilation Mode & Energy Buster Icon Energy Buster want Galewind Icon Galewind / Galewind Icon Galewind.



You'll want to take damage gems on all of your Drone and Joint skills, as they provide a majority of your DPS. Strategic Fire Icon Strategic Fire can be given a damage gem if taken. All of your Drone and Joint skills should also be equipped with cooldown gems, with remaining slots being given to Mobile Shot Icon Mobile Shot and/or Strategic Fire Icon Strategic Fire.



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