Enhanced Weapon Deadeye Build Guide for Lost Ark

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Having three weapons in their arsenal, Deadeyes lay havoc upon their foes with various skills and barrages of bullets. Able to strike from afar with their rifle or up close and personal with shotguns or midrange with pistols, Deadeye is a versatile and fast-paced class.


Introduction to Enhanced Weapon Deadeye

The Enhanced Weapon Icon Enhanced Weapon Deadeye boasts heavy crit rate built in, allowing for interesting stat builds. Mobility and highly active gameplay make for an engaging class which does require a high level to be played at optimal levels.


Enhanced Weapon Deadeye Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +High mobility
  • +16 skills
  • +Permanent crit buffs
X Weaknesses
  • -Very squishy
  • -Close range and positional class
  • -Shotguns have long animation locks

Enhanced Weapon Deadeye Skill Build


Enhanced Weapon Deadeye Skill Rotation

There is no set skill rotation for Deadeye. Their debuff is provided via AT02 Grenade Icon AT02 Grenade and Spiral Tracker Icon Spiral Tracker and can be maintained almost indefinitely. As such, you are free to use your skills in any order you like.

The majority of Deadeye damage is loaded into the shotgun abilities, which should be used whenever available, but you also have two decent burst abilities on your pistols as well. The remaining abilities can be used as fillers or when seen fit, as long as you use your Shotgun skills whenever possible and maintain the debuff mentioned before.


Enhanced Weapon Deadeye Important Tripods

Making sure the enemy is debuffed with Weakness Exposure Icon Weakness Exposure or Weakness Exposure Icon Weakness Exposure is pretty much the only role you have to worry about, aside from dealing damage.

The remaining Tripods are mostly used for damage and some utilities.


Enhanced Weapon Deadeye Stat Priority

Enhanced Weapon Icon Enhanced Weapon pairs really well with high Specialization, providing flat damage to shotguns, armor penetration to the rifle, and critical damage to pistols. This should be your main priority. Adding some Swiftness helps with the speed as well as cooldown reduction, making it easier to survive and position properly. You can also add a little bit of Critical, though this may lead to capping out on crit chance when playing in a party - be careful not to overdo it.


Enhanced Weapons Deadeye Pet Stats

The offensive stat of choice is Specialization. The defensive option of choice is HP increase.


Enhanced Weapon Deadeye Gear Sets

With the large amount of crit sources, it is best to use the Harsh Oath set.


Enhanced Weapon Deadeye Gear Tripod Priority

As said initially, getting the core Tripods is fairly simple since they are available very early in the game, being Weakness Exposure Icon Weakness Exposure and Weakness Exposure Icon Weakness Exposure. The main damage is provided through the shotguns, and as such you should focus on capping those out first:


Enhanced Weapon Deadeye Engravings

The Enhanced Weapon Icon Enhanced Weapon provides a flat crit buff for 9 seconds to yourself whenever you cycle through your weapons. This can be kept up indefinitely by switching weapons before the buff expires. Most often it is kept at level 1 as this already provides a 20% crit chance buff, but it can be maxed for a total of 30%.

  • Adrenaline Icon Adrenaline pairs insanely well with the identity Engraving, and when maxed out provides between 35% to 45% crit rate. The upkeep is simple for Deadeyes, making it a top pick as an Engraving.
  • Grudge Icon Grudge is a staple for any DPS and should be taken as the third Engraving.
  • Master of Ambush Icon Master of Ambush boosts your shotgun and partially pistol damage massively, pairing well with the most commonly picked relic at item level 1445.
  • Both Keen Blunt Weapon Icon Keen Blunt Weapon and Cursed Doll Icon Cursed Doll are good options to further boost the damage output.
  • You can also get a level 2 Spirit Absorption Icon Spirit Absorption if you do not like to use Swiftness as a stat, which is easily doable if you keep Enhanced Weapon Icon Enhanced Weapon at level 1.

Enhanced Weapon Deadeye Runes

Runes are used to improve the speed of the shotgun abilities. As such, the most commonly equipped Rune is Galewind Icon Galewind. The Bleed Icon Bleed is also a very useful Rune on the short cooldowns.

Galewind Icon Galewind is a staple for any DPS, greatly improving Shotgun capabilities, but also some pistol skills. Use it on Shotgun Dominator Icon Shotgun Dominator, Last Request Icon Last Request, Sign of Apocalypse Icon Sign of Apocalypse, Shotgun Rapid Fire Icon Shotgun Rapid Fire, Cruel Tracker Icon Cruel Tracker, and Quick Shot Icon Quick Shot.

Bleed Icon Bleed works really well on AT02 Grenade Icon AT02 Grenade and Spiral Tracker Icon Spiral Tracker due to their short cooldowns, allowing high uptime on the bleed. This can also assist new players in making a habit of using these abilities often to apply the debuff.


Enhanced Weapon Deadeye Gems

The damage is centered around all four shotgun abilities and two pistols skills, making the selection of gems very simple. The following skills should use both damage and cooldown gems:

Use the remaining gem for damage on Cruel Tracker Icon Cruel Tracker.


Deadeye Tips

Make it a habit to reuse AT02 Grenade Icon AT02 Grenade and Spiral Tracker Icon Spiral Tracker to maintain the Weakness Exposure Icon Weakness Exposure debuff at all times. If you use adrenaline, this also makes sure that you never run out of the buff.

You can switch weapons whenever you feel like it, and you do not have to wait for the Enhanced Weapon Icon Enhanced Weapon buff to run out, so switch often!

Most shotgun abilities have a double damage perk built in when used at point blank range, try to stay close to the boss when using your shotgun abilities! Last Request Icon Last Request does not have said perk, so the range does not matter there.

You are fairly squishy, so use your mobility to your advantage.



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