Firepower Enhancement Artillerist Gearing Guide for Lost Ark

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Locked and loaded, Artillerist comes armed to the teeth with all types of explosive. Armed with a heavy launcher, Artillerist also comes with turrets, land mines, and is capable of calling down lasers from space to annihilate the enemy. Artillerist comes with two different playstyles, Firepower and Barrage.


Firepower Enhancement: Accessories, Card Sets, Engravings and Gearsets

Firepower Enhancement Icon Firepower Enhancement has multiple ways to gear up and run it's substats. All three builds ignore Specialization and instead focus on Crit and Swiftness. Since Firepower Enhancement Icon Firepower Enhancement doesn't gain anything from increasing resource generation, Specialization loses out on a lot of it's usefulness. It's not the end of the world if you have some Specialization, as it does increase the buff gained from Firepower Level 3, but it's not enough to prioritize it.


Card Sets

Card sets for Destroyer is very straight forward. If you have access to it, Light of Salvation Icon Light of Salvation is the set to equip for Legion raids affected by Light-type damage. For any other content, or if Light of Salvation Icon Light of Salvation is unavailable, Lostwind Cliff Icon Lostwind Cliff is optimal for the increased Crit rate. If you're new to the game, feel free to equip any card set you have access to that increases survivability, such as Field Boss II Icon Field Boss II.



Firepower Enhancement Icon Firepower Enhancement doesn't have much wiggle room as far as Engravings go, taking from the list below. Adjust for whichever stat you're building with.

Engraving Priority Description
Firepower Enhancement Icon Firepower Enhancement High This is a must take. Provides a substantial boost to damage under Firepower Level 3, alonside a defensive boost while out of Barrage Mode.
Grudge Icon Grudge High A staple in damage builds. Every DPS class in this game takes it, including Artillerist. Downside is negated by both Energy Field Icon Energy Field and the passive tankiness from Firepower Enhancement Icon Firepower Enhancement.
Adrenaline Icon Adrenaline High Combine this with Keen Blunt Weapon Icon Keen Blunt Weapon to ensure mandatory Crit levels are reached. Extremely easy to keep at maximum stacks due to Enhanced Shell Icon Enhanced Shell's low cooldown. Can be kept at level 1 depending on your build, and if you're running 5x3+1.
Hit Master Icon Hit Master High Artillerist has no positionals, so this affects everything we do.
Cursed Doll Icon Cursed Doll Low This Engraving can be used instead of Hit Master Icon Hit Master, but why would you? Similar DPS increase, but with a downside.
Keen Blunt Weapon Icon Keen Blunt Weapon Crit Only Should be avoided with a full Swiftness build, but a great choice otherwise.
Raid Captain Icon Raid Captain Swiftness Only Replaces Keen Blunt Weapon Icon Keen Blunt Weapon in a full Swiftness build.


Starting in Legendary gear, you'll want the Preordained Diligence set from Argos to give you additional Critical Rate. At this point in the game, you can mostly ignore the set from Valtan normal mode and immediately start transitioning into a Relic set. There's three options, depending on which substats you've decided to prioritize:

  1. Nightmare: Used for a hybrid build of Crit/Swiftness to resolve the builds mana issues. Can be a bit hard to optimize around, since when under Boundless MP you lose your damage buff. Overall still the go-to build for most players.
  2. Salvation: Used for a full Crit build to resolve the builds lack of Attack Speed.
  3. Hallucination: Used for full Swiftness build to resolve the lack of Crit. This build will still run into mana issues, so it's not recommended for most people.

Accesories and Stat Distribution

Firepower Enhancement Icon Firepower Enhancement ideally wants Crit as the main priority on stats. Feel free to run Swiftness to comfort, but if possible, avoid the full Swiftness build unless you're dead set on going fast.

  • Nightmare
    • Crit/Swiftness Necklace
    • 2x Crit Earrings
    • 1x Crit Ring, 1x Swiftness Ring or 2x Swiftness Ring
    • Crit/Swiftness Bracelet
  • Salvation
    • Crit/Swiftness Necklace
    • 2x Crit Earrings
    • 2x Crit Ring
    • Crit/Swiftness Bracelet
  • Hallucination
    • Swiftness/Crit Necklace
    • 2x Swiftness Earrings
    • 2x Swiftness Ring
    • Swiftness/Crit Bracelet


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