Blessed Aura Paladin Skill Guide for Lost Ark

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The Paladin uses a sword along with Holy skills to protect and offensively buff their allies. Paladins are an asset to any party as almost every ability they have will offer a beneficial party buff. While they lack damage, they make up for it by improving the damage of all party members significantly. Supports are a necessity in all types of content, and a Paladin will certainly benefit any group that they are a part of. Paladin comes with two playstyles, Blessed Aura and Judgment.


Blessed Aura: Skill Descriptions, Tripods, Gems and Runes


Skill Descriptions


Primary Skills

These skills make up a Paladin's group utility, allowing for shields, healing, damage increases, and mediums for Piety generation. All primary skills will be used for some form of group buff potential. As a Paladin, it is your job to not only keep the group alive with damage reduction through skills like Holy Protection Icon Holy Protection, but to also increase their damage through skills that apply buffs such as Heavenly Blessings Icon Heavenly Blessings. Overall, the primary focus for a Paladin is group-centered. Your value shines from your ability to make your party members stronger and keeping them out of harm's way.

  • Wrath of God Icon Wrath of God: This is your primary offensive attack damage buff for your party. It has a longer duration so it should always be used first. This is also a major source of Piety generation so make sure enemies are hit by it.
  • Heavenly Blessings Icon Heavenly Blessings: This is your secondary offensive group buff. It should be used as soon as Wrath of God Icon Wrath of God's buff expires. This will ensure better attack damage uptime. This will also generate a large amount of Piety so be sure to hit enemies with it.
  • Light Shock Icon Light Shock: This is your spam skill. It has a low cooldown and it will be used for Branding targets so that they are debuffed and take more damage. Try to use this on cooldown.
  • Holy Protection Icon Holy Protection: Provides significant shields to all party members within range. Ideally, this is held to mitigate large amounts of incoming damage. At times it can be beneficial to wait to use this ability to take advantage of Purify Icon Purify.
  • Godsent Law Icon Godsent Law: Ground AoE that will give all players a shield while standing in its ground effect thanks to Shield Icon Shield. This can be used to support players who are caught in dangerous Boss patterns, or when attempting to mitigate incoming group damage. It will also help to generate Piety if you are able to also hit an enemy with it.
  • Light of Judgment Icon Light of Judgment: Major source of Piety generation. It is important to always make sure this is hitting a target and being used on cooldown. Its Faith Icon Faith tripod will drastically increase its Piety generation and will in turn result in more group support.

Secondary Skills

The following skills are flexible choices depending on the fight mechanics. There are options for staggers, counters, additional Piety generation, damage, or mobility.

  • Charge Icon Charge: This can be taken if you are needing more mobility within a fight. This can be great for leveling or solo content. Generally, it is best to take more utility.
  • Executor's Sword Icon Executor's Sword: Prioritize this especially when you need Weak Point, but it will also be beneficial for Stagger checks and Counters.
  • Holy Sword Icon Holy Sword: Fantastic option for Counters and Stagger checks.
  • Holy Explosion Icon Holy Explosion: Large AoE damaging ability that is great for solo play and grouping up enemies. Use this for content like Chaos Dungeons and times where you need mobbing support.
  • Holy Area Icon Holy Area: Group utility option that will create a zone that reduces incoming damage for all players standing within. This will also be good for generating Piety. This can be an advantageous alternative choice depending on whether or not you need additional damage reduction.

Awakening Skills

  • Alithanes's Judgment Icon Alithanes's Judgment: This is your preferred Awakening skill for raids. It will strike the target and apply a massive shield equal to 80% of your Max HP for 10 seconds. This will deal a large amount of AoE damage and will nearly fill a Piety meter. So, be sure that you do not over cap your Piety before using it.
  • Alithanes's Light Icon Alithanes's Light: This will be used for damage-focused encounters, such as a Chaos Dungeon. It will generate less Piety than Alithanes's Judgment Icon Alithanes's Judgment, but it will still generate a significant amount. It does not provide any group utility, and it can be difficult to use at times. As such, this is your go to for burst damage and solo content.


Prioritize Piety generation and anything that can provide additional cooldown reduction or defensive capabilities.

Skill Name Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Heavenly Blessings Faith Icon Faith (High) Valor Icon Valor (N/A) Absolute Blessing Icon Absolute Blessing (High)
Wrath of God Wide Thundercrack Icon Wide Thundercrack (N/A) Faith Icon Faith (High) Express Fury Icon Express Fury (N/A)
Holy Protection Quick Pace Icon Quick Pace (Medium) Purify Icon Purify (N/A) Vow of Light Icon Vow of Light (N/A)
Godsent Law Shield Icon Shield (Medium) Wide-Angle Attack Icon Wide-Angle Attack (N/A) Grace Icon Grace (N/A)
Light Shock Swift Fingers Icon Swift Fingers (N/A) Light's Vestige Icon Light's Vestige (Medium) N/A
Light of Judgment Swift Fingers Icon Swift Fingers (N/A) Faith Icon Faith (High) Righteous Light Icon Righteous Light (Low)
Executor's Sword Excellent Mobility Icon Excellent Mobility (N/A) Weak Point Enhancement Icon Weak Point Enhancement (N/A) Executioner's Strike Icon Executioner's Strike (Low)
Holy Sword Positioning Icon Positioning (Low) Outburst of Light Icon Outburst of Light (N/A) Release Light Icon Release Light (Low)








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