Master Summoner Guide for Lost Ark

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Summoner unleashes powerful arcane arts and summons primal beings to force her enemies into submission. Equipped with a magical rod, Summoner is capable of calling upon multiple Ancient Summons, all serving a different purpose to ensure she's ready for any situation.


Master Summoner: Skill Builds and Rotations

If you're looking for further information on the Master Summoner Icon Master Summoner build for Summoner, the following links will provide that for you.


Master Summoner Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +High damage ceiling
  • +High Identity generation for constant Ancient summons
  • +Hit Master class and does consistent DPS
X Weaknesses
  • -Expensive in the late game to maximize late game
  • -Susceptible to rotation bottlenecks without high level cooldown gems
  • -Little to no mobility / Swiftness

Chaos Dungeon Skill Build

You can use the raid build and use Preemptive Strike Icon Preemptive Strike, which is enough to clear dungeons in a timely manner. You can swap-in other skills like Shurdi Icon Shurdi or Fleeting Gale Bird Icon Fleeting Gale Bird for additional AOE. Using Phoenix & Jahia helps with room cleaning mobs.


Raid Skill Builds

Master Summoner Icon Master Summoner has a slower, but heavy hitting burst with higher Identity orb generation than its counterpart Communication Overflow Icon Communication Overflow. Though this build of Summoner is a late bloomer, not being able to stretch its legs until at least having full relic gearset. On top of that, having high stats and heavy investment in gems really makes the class feel significantly smoother. You'll have options for your 8th skill depending on your preference. Flash Explosion Icon Flash Explosion is a low cooldown skill good for upkeeping Adrenaline Icon Adrenaline. Steed Charge Icon Steed Charge gives you more stagger damage and generates a moderate amount of Identity gauge. Lastly, Pauru Icon Pauru who is now a kamikaze pet that grants an Attack Power buff when he goes away.


Master Summoner's Playstyle

The main focus with Master Summoner Icon Master Summoner is to build your Identity orbs and use Ancients within buff windows for high burst damage. With reduced orb cost (by one) of your Ancients along, you'll be generating a lot of orbs to use on Ancients. A majority of your damage stems from placing these summons inside your self buffs. While you should try to prioritize placing them underneath buff windows, therein lies a potential bottleneck in your rotation if one of two things should happen. If you generate orbs faster than your buffs' cooldown, you'll have to sit on the summon and wait for buffs to be ready. If your buffs are up before the required orbs for a summon, you'll have to use and/or wait on skills that generate more gauge. This is why high level cooldown gems are advised for an overall more fluid gameplay loop. However, this shouldn't take away from the stat and skill rune requirement either. Early game or even mid-game you'll have to play around the specifics that your build can allow.

Akir Icon Akir is your thunderous version of Doomsday Icon Doomsday, having a bit of delay before the final big hit. You can apply the buff from Sticky Moss Swamp Icon Sticky Moss Swamp after casting Akir Icon Akir and still manage to buff the final hit due to the animation delay on the summon. The end goal is to fit Akir Icon Akir in every buff window, but this is not always feasible. Cooldowns of skills that build your orbs may not align properly to allow for this along with other factors aforementioned. The following example assumes you're able to start an encounter with full gauge already:

Master Summoner Opener

After your opener you'll just follow the priority of building orbs and trying to get two summons within your 5.0s buff windows. Additionally you can use either Steed Charge Icon Steed Charge for extra meter gain or take Pauru Icon Pauru for an extra buff that you can optimize around. Alimaji Icon Alimaji is a good option if the boss is staggered as it gains +50% damage and has a lower cost to summon than other Ancients. You'll be keeping skills on cooldown while following the priority of Ancients in buffs. Make sure to have near 100% uptime on Shurdi Icon Shurdi for extra Critical Rate.



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