Blessed Aura Paladin Build Guide for Lost Ark

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The Paladin is a melee support which uses holy-aspected magic spells to provide offensive and defensive buffs to himself and his party.


Blessed Aura Paladin Overview

The Paladin is a melee support that provides offensive and defensive buffs to themself and their party. Alot of Paladin's kit has built in synergy, making it a very versatile and useful member in any setup. Paladin provides attack power boosts to their party through Heavenly Blessings Icon Heavenly Blessings and Wrath of God Icon Wrath of God while also debuffing the boss with Light's Vestige Icon Light's Vestige allowing every party member, including themself, to deal more damage. Tne Aura, Paladin's identity gauge, becomes an all in one package once you have Holy Aura active, providing damage, defense, and healing in a large area around the Paladin.


Blessed Aura Paladin Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Tanky
  • +High damage mitigation
  • +Debuff cleanse
X Weaknesses
  • -Low Stagger
  • -Low Weakpoint destruction
  • -No Burst heal

Paladin Skill Build

The following image shows the skill build of choice and the desired stats. There are three variants below depending on your available skill points.


Paladin Skill Rotation

The Paladin does not have a fixed rotation like most DPS classes but focuses on maximum uptime of their offensive buffs, while protecting their party from harm with shields and damage mitigation abilities.

The main skills here are Heavenly Blessings Icon Heavenly Blessings and Wrath of God Icon Wrath of God. Their damage buffs does not stack, so they should always be timed properly to ensure the highest possible uptime.

Light's Vestige Icon Light's Vestige should be maintained on the boss whenever possible. Using short cooldown abilities like Light Shock Icon Light Shock allows you to apply the debuff almost permanently.

His offensive skills such as Holy Sword Icon Holy Sword or Executor's Sword Icon Executor's Sword can be used freely to build gauge and deal damage, but they can also serve as a counter, so the usage depends on the boss you are fighting. Idealy one is kept at ready should you need to counter the boss.

Defensive options for Paladin are Holy Protection Icon Holy Protection and Godsent Law Icon Godsent Law, which should can used either pro- or reactively. Godsent Law Icon Godsent Law allows you to mitigate massive amounts of incoming damage when used prior to attacks on a party member or yourself. Holy Protection Icon Holy Protection does not only provide a shield but can be used with Purify Icon Purify to cleanse debuffs and even heal with Vow of Light Icon Vow of Light at the end of the duration


Important Paladin Tripods

The following Tripods are vital components for Paladins as they provide the offensive and defensive buffs. IMPORTANT: The attack power from Heavenly Blessings Icon Heavenly Blessings and Wrath of God Icon Wrath of God do not stack!

An alternative option for Holy Protection Icon Holy Protection is the Robust Protection Icon Robust Protection in fights where a cleanse is not needed.


Paladin Stat Priority

  1. Swiftness — Your main stat to reduce cooldowns in order to provide buffs more often, the speed also boosts Paladin's mobility greatly.
  2. Specialization — Increases the gauge gain and also improves your Holy Aura.

Paladin Pet Stats

Since your highest priority stat is Swiftness, your pet should be used to boost it further. The defensive option of choice is HP increase.


Paladin Gear Sets

Due to Paladin playing a support role, the critical damage Harsh Oath set is most often chosen to match with your dps party members, which will often use the other set.


Paladin Gear Tripod Priority

Faith Icon Faith and Faith Icon Faith provide the best benefits allowing you to build your gauge faster.

Shield Icon Shield should be focused on after that to improve the amount of shielding provided by Godsent Law Icon Godsent Law.

Should you use Absolute Blessing Icon Absolute Blessing on Heavenly Blessings Icon Heavenly Blessings, then max this one next.

Quick Pace Icon Quick Pace provides a useful movement speed bonus.

All of the Tripods from Holy Sword Icon Holy Sword are worth leveling up, increase them in any order. The Tripods are Release Light Icon Release Light, Outburst of Light Icon Outburst of Light and Positioning Icon Positioning.


Paladin Runes

Runes are integral parts to boost your combat prowess in Lost Ark. In order to maximise the support a Paladin can provide, the runes will be selected to increase the aura uptime and provide auxilliary boosts to yourself.

Wealth Icon Wealth should be used Heavenly Blessings Icon Heavenly Blessings and Wrath of God Icon Wrath of God to increase your gauge gain. These are your two main gauge generators, hit them at all costs!

Focus Icon Focus helps to maintain your mana and works great on Holy Protection Icon Holy Protection. The shield does have a high mana cost, this can be remedied greatly with this rune.

Overwhelm Icon Overwhelm increases your stagger, pairs well with Holy Sword Icon Holy Sword and Executor's Sword Icon Executor's Sword. Even though Paladins do not have a great amount of Stagger, boosting what helps yourself and your party.

Bleed Icon Bleed works best on short cooldowns such as Light Shock Icon Light Shock. While not mandatory, it does provide a nice dps boost.

Protection Icon Protection can be stacked ontop of Godsent Law Icon Godsent Law to provide a larger defensive boost for yourself. This allows you to focus on shielding allies rather than trying to hit everyone including yourself with the area of effect.

Rage Icon Rage or Quick Recharge Icon Quick Recharge is used on Charge Icon Charge to provide auxilliary bonuses such as speed or cooldown reduction. Speed helps navigating the battlefield, while cooldown reduction means more uptime on buffs and better aura uptime.


Paladin Engravings

The Blessed Aura Icon Blessed Aura Engraving is what makes the Paladin identity an all in one package and should always be maxed out as it provides a combination of healing and damage reduction. Getting Awakening Icon Awakening helps in gauge building as it fills your gauge by a large amount on top of the massive shield Alithanes Judgment provides. Expert Icon Expert is used to amplify shields and healing. Pairing those two with your class Engraving, Holy Aura makes your Paladin very well rounded.

Auxilliary Engravings such as Heavy Armor Icon Heavy Armor can be handy as well. Ideally you manage to unlock level 1 of Judgment Icon Judgment, which allows your Punishment skills to build gauge faster. Should you decide to prioritize Specialization over Swiftness, consider adding Spirit Absorption Icon Spirit Absorption to help with the lack of speed.


Paladin Gems

Since the main focus lies on support, all skills, regardless of your skillbuild, should be equipped with cooldown reduction gems. That already fills 8 out of the 11 slots. The last 3 gems slots are used to buff the damage of Heavenly Blessings Icon Heavenly Blessings, Holy Sword Icon Holy Sword and Executor's Sword Icon Executor's Sword.


Paladin Tips

Paladins Aura is very well rounded, providing offensive, defensive and healing properties to the party. Try to use it in a way that all three traits are used. Godsent Law Icon Godsent Law can be used to completely negate hard hitting attacks when timed correctly. Caution is advised: not every attack can be negated with it. If you have trouble managing your mana, focus on providing buffs and debuffs, rather than trying to deal damage with your other skills. Alternatively, usage of a Focus Icon Focus can help mitigate Mp costs.

A lot of Paladin's abilities have long windups and are unprotected. Be careful when using long cooldowns such as Heavenly Blessings Icon Heavenly Blessings.

A common practice is to start a fight with your Alithanes Judgment to fill up your gauge fast.



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