Summoner Guide for Lost Ark

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Summoner unleashes powerful arcane arts and summons primal beings to force her enemies into submission. Equipped with a magical rod, Summoner is capable of calling upon multiple Ancient Summons, all serving a different purpose to ensure she's ready for any situation.


Introduction to Summoner

A highly anticipated class, Summoner is an unique addition to the Mage archetype. Packed with spells, pets and Ancient Elemental summons that provide consistent DPS and an visually appealing aesthetic. Her Identity system builds Ancient Energy orbs that allow her to summmon Ancients. Each Ancient has different attributes and uses from Weak Point, Stagger, a shield and big damage!


Summoner's Playstyle

Summoner has self buffs that she wants to fit her spells and Ancient summons under. Her pet summons Maririn Icon Maririn and Pauru Icon Pauru serve as pseudo DoTs. Once summoned they'll turn into active skills you can press to have them perform additional actions, while also performing their basic attacks. Elcid Icon Elcid is technically a pet but serves as one of her buffs.


Master Summoner

Master Summoner Icon Master Summoner enhances the Ancients and reduce their orb cost by one. This also buffs your normal and Ancient skill Critical Rate and damage. Of the two specs, this is a slower but heavy hitting burst focusing reliant on building her Identity constantly. For those in the early game, this does rely on Specialization and scales better later on with more stats and gear. Her gameplay feels more grounded, not having as much mobility when constantly casting Ancients and requires you to learn simple but crucial animation cancels to maxmize damage. With her decreased summon cost but increased Identity generation, you'll be able to use Ancients for Stagger & Weak Point damage as well.


Communication Overflow

Communication Overflow Icon Communication Overflow is a fast paced build focused on enhancing her pet summons. While she still uses the Ancient Elementals, she'll build Identity much slower than Master Summoner Icon Master Summoner. A majority of her damage comes from her normal spells and pet skills being put under buffs. With increased Attack. Movement Speed and low cooldowns, she becomes a high APM and highly mobile DPS class. Generally this is an easier build to make in the early game has smoother transition into late game in terms of costs and gear requirements.


Ancient Elementals

Every Ancient has a different cost and use. It's important to know which each brings to be able to use them effectively.

Ancient Osh Icon Osh Alimaji Icon Alimaji Phoenix Icon Phoenix Jahia & Ligheas Icon Jahia & Ligheas Akir Icon Akir
Identity Cost 3 Orbs 4 Orbs 5 Orbs 6 Orbs 7 Orbs
Damage Low Average Average High Highest
Stagger Level N/A Mid-High Low Highest Mid
Weak Point Level Lv.2 Lv.2 Lv.2 N/A N/A


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