Death Strike Sharpshooter Build Guide for Lost Ark

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Being the only bow user, the Sharpshooter is a ranged DPS capable of high burst, dispatching enemies both at range and in melee with daggers. Accompanied by their trusty Hawk, if what you seek is a versatile bowman with a twist, look no further.



The Sharpshooter is a versatile ranged/melee DPS with the ability to run both Class Engravings in the same build. Using Death Strike Icon Death Strike as a foundation, and the option of Loyal Companion Icon Loyal Companion, this build offers a very high damage modifier after using Summon Silverhawk and Last Rush to set up a dramatically high burst window.


Sharpshooter Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +High burst damage
  • +Does not rely on positional attacks
  • +Fairly mobile
X Weaknesses
  • -Animation lock on most of the high damaging abilities
  • -Needs to step in melee range to charge the Hawk Meter effectively
  • -Weak Stagger/Destruction damage


The Sharpshooter offers a mix of high mobility with melee skills and animations that lock them in place during their ranged attacks, so it is important to be able to position correctly to avoid being interrupted or damaged.

The playstyle of the build revolves around building Identity Gauge in order to Summon Silverhawk for increased damage with Wings of Storm and to make use of the class Engraving bonus after casting Last Rush. After the target is debuffed, Snipe Icon Snipe can be used to devastating effects, along with Arrow Wave Icon Arrow Wave and Charged Shot Icon Charged Shot.

While technically Sharpshooter has positional attacks in melee specifically, these are mostly used as a repositioning tools and to generate Hawk Meter fast; therefore, it is not necessary to hit from the back to execute the burst windows.



Every class has a wide variety of skills to chose from with Tripods that can change how each skill performs. While being limited to eight at any given time, Sharpshooter has multiple options with a few stand-outs. Below, we will discuss our picks for skills for general purpose and single-target fights.


General Purpose

For most of the content outside bosses the aim is to have efficient AoE abilities supplemented by some form of crowd control. Listed below are the recommended Skills and Tripods, along potential alternatives further down the page:

  1. Fresh Level 50/248 skill point tree
  2. 290 skill point tree
  3. 312 skill point tree
  4. 340 skill point tree

Snipe Icon Snipe is the strongest Sharpshooter skill, suited to burst down Elite and bosses alike. Quick Prep Icon Quick Prep reduces the cooldown to below 30 seconds while both Weak Point Detection Icon Weak Point Detection and Easy Prey Icon Easy Prey contribute to increase the skill's damage noticeably.

Blade Storm Icon Blade Storm is 360-degree AoE with good range and Hawk Meter generation. Silver Master Icon Silver Master increase Identity Gauge generation even further, synergizing well with the increase number of hits generated by the second row Lightning Blade Icon Lightning Blade and third row Blade Dance Icon Blade Dance tripod.

Claymore Mine Icon Claymore Mine offers the widest frontal cone AoE of the build, mostly thanks to Storm Surge Icon Storm Surge in the last row. To reach it, pick Swift Fingers Icon Swift Fingers in the first row to reduce the animation time and then Mounting Flames Icon Mounting Flames for some added damage.

Charged Shot Icon Charged Shot is a relatively short cooldown skill (with Quick Prep Icon Quick Prep) with moderate AoE, thanks to the Double Shot Icon Double Shot and Fast Fire Icon Fast Fire Tripod choices which also increase its damage.

Arrow Wave Icon Arrow Wave is very strong ability with limited AoE potential, mostly useful when enemies are walking down a narrow line, and is best used as a complementary tool to burst down Elites and Bosses alongside Snipe Icon Snipe. Enhanced Arrow Icon Enhanced Arrow is a free 15% Crit chance in the first row. Slow Tide Icon Slow Tide increases the number of potential hits per target to five, while Wave Streak Icon Wave Streak triples the skill's damage at the expense of extra cooldown time.

Rapid Shot Icon Rapid Shot is mostly used to debuff targets through Amplified Damage Icon Amplified Damage in a straight line. Despite its low cooldown, the area-of-effect is very narrow, requiring you to lead the enemies on its path.

Moving Slash Icon Moving Slash is mainly used an additional repositioning tool with Excellent Mobility Icon Excellent Mobility.

Arrow Shower Icon Arrow Shower offers average damage over a prolonged period in the area-of-effect. Swift Fingers Icon Swift Fingers helps with reducing the animation lock, while Sustain Enhancement Icon Sustain Enhancement doubles the skill's duration up to 4 seconds. Last but not least, Piercing Arrow Icon Piercing Arrow boosts the skill's Crit rate by a massive 40%.



For single-target-focused content such as Guardian Raids, crowd control is of secondary importance, while Destruction and Counter become more important. The following skills should help you maximize single-target damage in Tier 1 where bosses will not have lot of mobility.

  1. Fresh Level 50/248 skill point tree
  2. 296 skill point tree
  3. 312 skill point tree
  4. 340 skill point tree

The Raid build is very similar to the General Purpose one, swapping Claymore Mine Icon Claymore Mine, Arrow Shower Icon Arrow Shower, and Rapid Shot Icon Rapid Shot out. In their place, Atomic Arrow Icon Atomic Arrow is used as the only debuffing skill at our disposal, along with Amplified Damage Icon Amplified Damage. Deadly Slash Icon Deadly Slash doubles up both as a counter skill and a better Hawk Meter generator with Silver Master Icon Silver Master while also providing an additional debuff in Nightfall Slash Icon Nightfall Slash and extra damage through Double Slash Icon Double Slash. As the last slot, Sharp Shooter Icon Sharp Shooter is used in its highest-damaging configuration with Vital Point Hit Icon Vital Point Hit, Ruthless Shot Icon Ruthless Shot, and Focus Shot Icon Focus Shot.

For the Awakening ability of choice, Golden Eye offers higher damage than Fenrirs Messenger with faster activation and triggers invisibility for 7 seconds after ending.


Alternative Options

Rapid Shot Icon Rapid Shot can be used instead of Atomic Arrow Icon Atomic Arrow at the expense of lower stagger potential.


Stat Priority

Due to multiple Crit tripods in the skills used, focusing on Crit is a pretty straightforward gearing strategy. Use a Crit/Specialization necklace, a Specialization Ring, and fill the rest of the slots with Crit.



Death Strike Icon Death Strike gives a 40% damage taken increase debuff on targets affected by Last Rush for 8 seconds, opening the burst window of this build. Grudge Icon Grudge at rank 3 should be prioritized as it has a pretty harsh downside that does not scale with ranks. The last choice can be between Keen Blunt Weapon Icon Keen Blunt Weapon, which works well given the high Crit chance of the build, or Loyal Companion Icon Loyal Companion for a passive movement and damage buff while Silverhawk is active. In place of Grudge Icon Grudge, Cursed Doll Icon Cursed Doll or even Hit Master Icon Hit Master can be considered.


Skill Runes

Runes are account-bound tokens that can be used to enhance a single skill with various generic benefits:

  1. Wealth Icon Wealth can be used on skills such as Blade Storm Icon Blade Storm and Deadly Slash Icon Deadly Slash to further amplify Hawk Meter generation.
  2. Quick Recharge Icon Quick Recharge on any skill is also an option, to speed up all cooldowns.
  3. Rage Icon Rage can be used on Moving Slash Icon Moving Slash.
  4. Bleed Icon Bleed on Atomic Arrow Icon Atomic Arrow can offer a meaningful DPS increase due its low cooldown.
  5. Galewind Icon Galewind should be used on skills with long animation lock such as Snipe Icon Snipe and Sharp Shooter Icon Sharp Shooter.

Pet Stats

Pets can have stats that boost your character, and for this build, we recommend using a pet that boosts your Crit and Max life.



Adrophine Potion Icon Adrophine Potions further increase the damage of our biggest abilities during Death Strike Icon Death Strike's burst window. Awakening Potion Icon Awakening Potions could be another choice since they refill the Hawk Meter again, creating another burst window, but at that point the strongest skills would still be on cooldown.


Card Sets

Cards are a rather late-game part of Lost Ark and can require significant time and investment in order to reach the leveled-up benefits of any deck. This build does not require any particular deck to be effective, but it does benefit from any of the damaging-increasing decks. Ideally you could use the Lostwind Cliff Icon Lostwind Cliff or Light of Salvation Icon Light of Salvation decks, but both of these require extreme amounts of investment to reach high levels. Unless you have the aforementioned decks, we recommend using anything that boosts your Max Health, such as World Bosses or Armory sets.