Sorceress Guide for Lost Ark

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The Sorceress unleashes devastation upon enemies, specializing in long range caster DPS and mastering the art of AoE and Crowd Control, all while harnessing the power of magic and elements for a traditional mage experience. It is a very versatile class with two playstyles, Reflux and Igniter.


Introduction to Sorceress

The Sorceress is one of the available Mage Classes in Lost Ark, specializing in long range caster DPS and harnessing the power of magic and elements to unleash devastation upon enemies. This class is a master of AoE (Area of Effect) and Crowd Control skills. For players seeking a traditional mage experience, the Sorceress is an ideal choice, as her versatile skill set revolves around using a variety of elemental and arcane magic:

  • Unleash Burning Fire, inflicting high AoE damage to incinerate waves of enemies single handedly.
  • Use freezing cold ice both for self-defense and to freeze enemies in place.
  • Employ lightning damage to electrify enemies as you traverse your path, stunning them along the way.

Sorceress Playstyle

As a long range caster DPS, the Sorceress can deal heavy damage, but also has low survivability. If you choose to play this class, you must carefully position yourself to avoid taking too much damage or getting interrupted by enemies. Furthermore, the Sorceress class is often under animation lock during castings, leaving you vulnerable to heavy attacks if not properly positioned.

There are two different identities that you can choose from, affecting the playstyle of Sorceress: Arcane Rupture Icon Arcane Rupture (Z key) and Blink Icon Blink (X key). Arcane Rupture Icon Arcane Rupture enhances damage and reduces cast times, allowing for shorter casting durations to minimize interruptions while dealing increased damage. On the other hand, Blink Icon Blink provides teleportation in a chosen direction, ensuring mobility and the ability to dodge unexpected situations.

Additionally, your Sorceress's identity bar fills up as you deal damage, and these identities work in conjunction with the two class engravings: Reflux Icon Reflux and Igniter Icon Igniter.

Reflux Icon Reflux, which pairs really well with the Blink Icon Blink identity, focuses on dashing and mobility, while Igniter synergizes more with Arcane Rupture Icon Arcane Rupture, as it requires you to fully charge it and then unleash its power to boost subsequent abilities.

Once you understand these mechanics of the Sorceress, you can choose the appropriate build, and then harness the class full potential while managing weaknesses and maximizing damage output.


Reflux Sorceress

At Level 50, you unlock Class Engravings that offer unique choices. Opting for the Reflux Icon Reflux Engraving Sorceress build disables the Arcane Rupture Icon Arcane Rupture identity, but enhances overall damage output and reduces cooldowns. Despite sacrificing Arcane Rupture Icon Arcane Rupture, as a Reflux Icon Reflux Sorceress you gain the advantage of maintaining mobility through Blink Icon Blink.

Reflux Icon Reflux focuses on consistently dealing damage without relying on specific burst damage windows tied to the identity gauge. This build allows for continuous damage output with minimal downtime. Additionally, as Reflux Icon Reflux Sorceress you have the freedom to use the full identity gauge for mobility purposes, using Blink Icon Blink without sacrificing damage potential.

Compared to the Igniter Icon Igniter build, playing as a Reflux Icon Reflux Sorceress can be easier as it requires less precise timing to maximize damage.

Visit our dedicated Reflux Sorceress build guide for more details:


Igniter Sorceress

As mentioned above, once you gain access to the Class Engravings, you have the option to pursue the Igniter Icon Igniter Sorceress build. This build enables you to enhance the Arcane Rupture Icon Arcane Rupture identity when the Sorceress identity gauge reaches 100%. Igniter Sorceresses are centered around dealing maximum damage within a small burst window provided by the full identity gauge, with intervals in between to rebuild it.

Compared to Reflux Icon Reflux, the Igniter Icon Igniter Sorceress build has reduced mobility, as using Blink Icon Blink is not advised during the gauge-building phase in order to preserve identity gauge percentage. This means that proper positioning, and a better understanding of boss patterns (compared to the Reflux build) are required.

The Igniter Icon Igniter Sorceress truly shines when precise positioning and timing for burst windows are executed. As the game progresses, additional systems are introduced that allow for faster identity gauge buildup and the ability to cast the strongest skills, such as Doomsday Icon Doomsday, twice within a single Arcane Rupture Icon Arcane Rupture window.

During the Arcane Rupture Icon Arcane Rupture state, as an Igniter Icon Igniter Sorceress, you possess unrivaled damage potential and increased Critical Hit chances, resulting in enemies melting under your overwhelming power.

For more details, please visit our dedicated Igniter Sorceress build guide:



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