Death Strike Sharpshooter Gearing Guide for Lost Ark

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Raining arrows down on their enemies, the Sharpshooter is Lost Ark's bow user. The Sharpshooter also utilizes their pet, the Silverhawk, to assault and debuff their foes. Sharpshooter comes in two playstyles, Death Strike and Loyal Companion.


Death Strike: Accessories, Card Sets, Engravings and Gearsets

Death Strike Icon Death Strike primarily builds Crit with secondary Swiftness. Depending on how many Crit Synergy you plan to run with you can build up anywhere from 40% to 60% base Crit rate. Certain skills like Claymore Mine Icon Claymore Mine and Hawk Shot have insanely high Critical Damage modifiers but lack the innate Crit Rate. Swiftness is taken to help with fitting your skills within your burst window, movement and cooldowns.


Card Sets

Card sets are shared across both engravings for Sharpshooter. In the early game you can use cards that help with survivability such as Field Boss II Icon Field Boss II, We'll Meet Again Icon We'll Meet Again and Forest of Giants Icon Forest of Giants. For optimal damage you'll want Light of Salvation Icon Light of Salvation at 18 or 30 awakening, though is quite a late game goal. Lostwind Cliff Icon Lostwind Cliff provides additional Critical Rate and is a solid stand-in as you gradually work towards Light of Salvation Icon Light of Salvation.



The options for this build are pretty limited, making Death Strike Icon Death Strike's engravings straightforward.

Engraving Priority Description
Death Strike Icon Death Strike Necessity Has to be taken at Level 3, no exceptions.
Grudge Icon Grudge Very High This is a staple damage engraving. As a DPS you should be using this as an immediate slot-in for your setup.
Hit Master Icon Hit Master Very High Only one of your damage skills has a positional, being Claymore Mine Icon Claymore Mine. Very strong pick regardless.
Keen Blunt Weapon Icon Keen Blunt Weapon Very High A number of your DPS skills have innate Critical Rate on top of being a Crit built class makes this incredibly efficient.
Cursed Doll Icon Cursed Doll High Even with the healing penalty, the 16% Attack Power makes this the choice to round out your 5x3 setup.
Adrenaline Icon Adrenaline Optional Mainly taken for those fortunate enough to have a 5x3+1 build.


Starting in Legendary gear, you'll want the Preordained Diligence Icon Preordained Diligence set from Argos to give you additional Critical Rate. You can use the 2-piece gear from Valtan Normal but it's only recommended if you intend on parking your character at 1415. Once you obtain Relic gear, we take the Salvation Icon Poem of Salvation set for the increased Attack Speed which helps us fit all our skills within the burst window.


Accessories and Stat Distribution

  • Crit/Swift Necklace
  • 2x Crit Earrings
  • 2x Crit Rings
  • Crit/Swift Bracelet


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