Guardian Raid Guide for Ur'nil

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This page contains information on the Gaurdian Ur'nil and includes expected rewards, minimum item level requirements, suggested battle items and details on attack patterns in Lost Ark.


Ur'nil Introduction

Ur'nil, now well armored, devastates forward foes with raging paws.

A minimum item level of 302 is required to enter the instance, which means your character must be level 50 and have a set of Rare Quality gear from North Vern Level 1 Chaos Dungeon, or the gear given to you from using a Power Pass.

Ur'nil is weak to water-type attacks, which will do an extra 10% damage to him. Come equipped with Flare Icon Flares and the appropriate potions, being either HP Potion Icon HP Potion or Major HP Potion Icon Major HP Potion. You're also free to bring a Pheromone Bomb Icon Pheromone Bomb, but if you don't have them it's not a big issue. You'll just have to search for Ur'nil if he disappears. Since this is the first Guardian Raid players will encounter, below is an example of a Flare Icon Flare being used:

Flare Example

Basic Fight Tips

Nearly every single attack Ur'nil will use comes from the front of the boss. Since this is the case, it's extremely easy to avoid damage in this fight and makes for a very new-player friendly encounter. The only reason you should ever be standing in front of Ur'nil is if you're a front attacking class such as Destroyer or Gunlancer. Otherwise, plan on repositioning yourself to his sides or his back to keep your uptime on the boss.

If you do find yourself at Ur'nil's front, it may be because he's targeting you with a counterable action. A counterable action is something most Guardians will do periodically through-out a fight. The boss will glow blue for a moment, which is your chance to attack it with your own counter action, preventing the attack and stunning the boss for a few seconds, allowing you to dish damage uninterrupted. Read your tooltips to figure out which actions those are based upon the class you're playing. Counter attacks must hit the front of the boss! They will not work if you hit from the side or from behind. You can see an example video below, using Artillerist:

Ur'nil Counter

Once you've been fighting Ur'nil for a while, he will begin to enrage. Ur'nil will burn fiery hot, increasing his attack speed and enabling him to deal more damage to the player. This enraged state will also modify several of Ur'nil's attacks that add a bit of range onto them. One of these attacks includes Ur'nil throwing an orb behind him, one of the few attacks that can hit somewhere not directly in front of the boss. Head to the bosses sides to avoid this. Below is an example of the enrage animation, and a few of the augmented attacks.

Ur'nil Enrage


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