Rage Hammer Destroyer Build Guide for Lost Ark

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The most popular endgame build for Destroyer, based on the Rage Hammer class engraving.


Rage Hammer Destroyer Overview

This Destroyer build revolves around the Rage Hammer Icon Rage Hammer class engraving and Crit as a main combat stat. Rage Hammer Destroyer is the most popular build due to its straightforward nature and high damage output.


Destroyer Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Easy to play
  • +Faster pace combat than the Gravity Training build
  • +Good burst damage
  • +Great weak point and stagger
X Weaknesses
  • -Lower DPS output than the Gravity Training build (on paper)

Rage Hammer Destroyer Skill Build

Here are four builds, depending on your available skill points:

You have several other great choices for your blue Concentration Skills.

Taking Power Strike Icon Power Strike instead of Dreadnaught Icon Dreadnaught is a viable option. These skills have the same 10-second cooldown, which allows the rotation to flow seamlessly. Both of Power Strike and Dreadnaught are counters, and both skills come with the Armor Destruction tripod, lowering enemy defense by 12% for 10 seconds.

The difference here is Dreadnaught Icon Dreadnaught provides Super Armor and Weak Point level 2, while Power Strike Icon Power Strike does more damage and has a slightly faster counter with the Tripod Agile Movement Icon Agile Movement.

Running Crash Icon Running Crash is interchangeable with Power Shoulder Icon Power Shoulder, as they are both used for core gain and some much needed on demand mobility.

Endure Pain Icon Endure Pain is the most dynamic skill in a Destroyer's kit. Not only does it instantly generate three Gravity Cores, it has the ability to make the player near-invincible for a short period of time providing a shield, a massive 90% damage reduction, and Super Armor for five seconds. Keep in mind, this ability will not save you if taking fatal damage from failed mechanics. Depending on the type of content you are running, Endure Pain can also be used as a taunt, adding utility to the party. Additionally, Taunt Icon Taunt can be used to set up an easy to land Perfect Swing Icon Perfect Swing when learning the class, but should eventually be weened off of as you get more comfortable with the wind up on the skill.

In rare cases, you can give up Running Crash Icon Running Crash or Power Shoulder Icon Power Shoulder and take Earth Smasher Icon Earth Smasher. This removes mobility from the kit, so it should only be done in specific encounters where that mobility is not needed. Earth Smasher also comes with a longer cooldown, with the caveat of generating three Gravity Cores instead of two. This will slightly change your rotation, but the core of Destroyer will remain the same.

Rage Hammer Destroyer uses the Big Bang Icon Big Bang Awakening skill for this build as it does more damage than Terra Break Icon Terra Break, and this build does not rely on the identity gauge Terra Break generates.


Rage Hammer Destroyer Skill Rotation

The rotation is quite simple, and the idea behind it is that you use enough Concentration Skills (blue) to gain three Gravity Cores, after which you use one Gravity Release Skill (purple).

The extra damage of your Gravity Release skills is determined by the number of Gravity Cores you have at the moment you use a Gravity Release skill. Needless to say, it is ideal to use a Gravity Release skill when you have three Gravity Cores. In rare cases it is acceptable to use a Gravity Release skill with one or two cores. Some examples are listed below:

  • When attempting to mitigate damage, abusing the shield that comes from Gravity Release Skills.
  • Needing quick access to Weak Point damage.

The Destroyer's rotation can be seen below:

Heavy Crush Icon Heavy CrushDreadnaught Icon DreadnaughtPerfect Swing Icon Perfect Swing > Heavy Crush Icon Heavy CrushRunning Crash Icon Running CrashFull Swing Icon Full Swing > Heavy Crush Icon Heavy CrushDreadnaught Icon DreadnaughtEarth Eater Icon Earth Eater

The idea is that Heavy Crush Icon Heavy Crush has a low enough cooldown for us to always use it as the one core generation skill, while Dreadnaught Icon Dreadnaught and Running Crash Icon Running Crash are alternated in the rotation to generate two more Gravity Cores. This generates three Gravity Cores, allowing us to do the most damage with the Gravity Release skills.


Rage Hammer Destroyer Stat Priority

For combat stats, Rage Hammer Destroyer focuses on Crit with the goal of obtaining 1100 to 1300 points in the stat. This gives us a 40% to 50% Crit rate. The Rage Hammer Icon Rage Hammer provides an extra 15% Crit rate, while another ~20% to 25% comes from our set of armor, may that be Legendary or Relic. This brings Destroyer to a comfortable 80% Crit rate, which is a good place to be at.

There are two options for secondary stats:

  • Full (~1000) Specialization: A hybrid between the Rage Hammer Icon Rage Hammer and a Gravity Training Icon Gravity Training builds. This will increase your damage but comes at the cost of your speed. When buying accessories, aim for a Crit/Specialization Necklace, two Crit Earrings, and two Specialization Rings.
  • Split (500) Swiftness / (500) Specialization: Provides balanced speed and damage, and this will ultimately make your rotation more smooth. When buying accessories, aim for a Necklace with Swiftness and Specialization while getting Crit on all other pieces.

Feel free to mix and match your accessories based on what you can find in the Auction House.


Rage Hammer Destroyer Gear Set

If you are wearing Legendary grade armor, the Argos Preordained Diligence set is what should be taken due to the extra Crit rate. Destroyer does not have enough naturally occurring Crit to make the Harsh Oath set's Crit damage boost worth it.

If you are wearing Relic grade armor, Earth’s Entropy should be your first choice as it provides Crit Damage, Crit Rate, and Flat Damage bonus, while the Betrayel Instinct set can be used to fill in for niche situations. It is suggested to get Earth's Entropy first, and after you unlock the option to freely swap set bonuses, give Betrayal a go and see if it fits you, as the playstyle is different.


Rage Hammer Destroyer Gear Tripod Priority

In the order of importance from top to bottom:

  1. Perfect Swing Icon Perfect Swing - Weak Point Detection Icon Weak Point Detection, Intemperance Icon Intemperance.
  2. Full Swing Icon Full Swing - Scary Hammer Icon Scary Hammer or Absolute Strength Icon Absolute Strength (depending on which one you play), Beast's Eye Icon Beast's Eye.
  3. Earth Eater Icon Earth Eater - Earthen Rage Icon Earthen Rage, Absolute Strength Icon Absolute Strength.
  4. Seismic Hammer Icon Seismic Hammer - Absolute Strength Icon Absolute Strength, Starving Strength Icon Starving Strength.
  5. Full Swing Icon Full Swing - Agile Movement Icon Agile Movement or Quick Prep Icon Quick Prep (depending on which one you play).
  6. Endure Pain Icon Endure Pain - Healthy Mentality Icon Healthy Mentality and Anti-Gravity Icon Anti-Gravity if you play these tripods.
  7. Power Strike Icon Power Strike - Agile Movement Icon Agile Movement.
  8. Running Crash Icon Running Crash - Agile Movement Icon Agile Movement.
  9. Heavy Crush Icon Heavy Crush - Law of the Jungle Icon Law of the Jungle.

Rage Hammer Destroyer Engravings

  1. Grudge Icon Grudge at level 3 as this provides the biggest damage increase for endgame raids.
  2. Rage Hammer Icon Rage Hammer at level 3.
  3. Super Charge Icon Super Charge gives us a higher chance to hit our charging skills and increases their damage.
  4. Master Brawler Icon Master Brawler is a huge DPS increase assuming we have head attacks on our big skills.

The above four engravings are a very solid setup, and as a fifth you can choose between Cursed Doll Icon Cursed Doll or Barricade Icon Barricade. Barricade Icon Barricade can also be your 6th level 1 or 2 engraving, when you get to that point.


Rage Hammer Destroyer Runes

There is some degree of freedom when choosing your Runes, but the most helpful setup would be:

Feel free to explore the best rune setup for you and the content you are doing. Protection Icon Protection is something you can try out on Heavy Crush Icon Heavy Crush or even Dreadnaught Icon Dreadnaught, as it pairs well with the Super Armor it provides, enabling you to fully mitigate minor damage taken. As an alternative, a Rage Icon Rage can be equipped on Running Crash Icon Running Crash to speed up your rotation and get Destroyer into its burst phase faster.


Rage Hammer Destroyer Gems

The last rune is up to you. You may wish to reduce the cooldown of Dreadnaught Icon Dreadnaught or Running Crash Icon Running Crash / Power Shoulder Icon Power Shoulder, with the more popular choice being reducing the cooldown on Destroyer's mobility skill.


Rage Hammer Destroyer Card Set

The best DPS card set is Light of Salvation Icon Light of Salvation, so this should be your priority. The Lostwind Cliff Icon Lostwind Cliff set is a great choice as well, and is much easier to obtain.



Getting used to being in front of bosses or hitting your Gravity Release skills from in front makes a big difference in your DPS output.

If you are using an Argos set, and you depend on the 5 stack Crit rate it offers, then use Seismic Hammer Icon Seismic Hammer or Earth Eater Icon Earth Eater as your first Gravity Release skill, so that you would have the 5 stack buff for other harder hitting skills like Perfect Swing Icon Perfect Swing.

In-depth knowledge of boss mechanics helps a lot too, as you will be able to understand when to cast some of your big DPS skills like Perfect Swing Icon Perfect Swing or your Awakening skill without getting interrupted, as they both have long charge-up times.

Generally speaking, as a Destroyer you can play around with your Gravity Release skills to a point where many telegraphs or danger areas can be ignored, as long as your group does not suffer from it, so feel free to be courageous.



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