Glaivier Guide for Lost Ark

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Brandishing two weapons, a Glaive and a Spear, Glaivier offers fluid gameplay at both close and mid-range. Packed full of utility and being one of the more mobile advanced classes in the game, Glaivier comes in two playstyles, Control and Pinnacle.


Introduction to Glaivier

Glaivier is a highly versatile class with an attractive aesthetic that provides your brain with all the feel-good chemicals. Offering her Glaive, Flurry Stance, and Spear, Focus Stance, she's able to swap between weapons to access different skills. She provides a well-desired Critical Rate Synergy, deals good damage and has an easy to pick-up playstyle.


Glaivier's Playstyle

Her Identity, Dual Stance has three levels of Dual Meter that increases over time and upon attacks. Depending on whether you're using Pinnacle Icon Pinnacle or Control Icon Control, your interaction with Dual Meter changes. Specific tripods can also enhanceskill damage by consuming your meter.



With Pinnacle Icon Pinnacle, swapping weapons when at maximum Dual Meter grants buffs to each stance. These buffs are different than the ones you'd normally get when swapping weapons. With that said, you'll follow a strict yet simple loop of keeping gauge maxed and weapon swapping to maintain buffs. It's a consistent and very flexible build that's easy to pick up and play. This build is also not as reliant on positionals like Control Icon Control. You'll like this build if you enjoy more static rotations and having a lot of ways to get DPS uptime.



Control Icon Control disables your ability to use Focus Stance, but increases the damage of all Flurry Stance. Being a Swiftness built class, it's relatively cheap to build. With naturally lower cooldowns and higher mobility, you'll experience increased APM and have an easier time positioning for back attacks. Due to lower cooldowns you'll also be able to apply your Synergy at a much higher frequency which is very valuable. Having access to Master of Ambush Icon Master of Ambush and Earth's Entropy, you'll deal lots of damage that will only scale better once Ancient tier gear comes with Brelshaza Hard. You'll like this build if you prefer higher APM classes or don't particularly like Focus Stance for some reason.



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