Golden Wave Island Guide for Lost Ark

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Boxes, this Island is all about boxes. On this Island is a ton of boxes, chests, and sacks that you can open that grant small amounts of Silver and mostly junk.

Golden Wave Region Location

Island Quest

This Island's purple quest is straightforward and requires you to go around the Island searching for things and grants 42,000 Silver, 7000 Pirate Coins, 7 Sea Voyage Coin Chests, 4 Card Packs, 8 Uncommon Battle Engraving recipes, and 4 Uncommon Class Engraving recipes. If you get lost consult your map to find the next objective. The daily quest here is also straightforward: open up boxes until you find enough pieces of rare wreckage. Once you have enough visit the quest vendor on the Island. Note that the quest indicator will not update once you have enough wreckage so keep an eye on your inventory.


Island Token

The Island Token can be obtained randomly from any of the many chests found on the Island. While you can complete this during the Island quest it is likely that you will have to spend some time opening additional chests. Overall this should not take longer than twenty minutes of box opening and is a relatively easy heart to acquire.


Mokoko Seeds

This Island is home to 2 Mokoko Seeds which can be found in the upper left-hand corner of the map behind a destroyable box that has quite a bit of health. Attack the box repeatedly to pass through to find the seeds.

Golden Wave Mokoko Map


There are three vendors that can be found on this Island. They are a Life Skill tool merchant, the quest vendor, and an exchanger which will trade an Archaeology experience potion for Uncommon rarity relics. The quest vendor sells practically nothing and is mostly used to vendor the large amount of junk that you will find while opening boxes. This Island is a decent place to level Archaeology as the nodes respawn rather quickly and there is not a lot of space overall so you can travel from node to node quickly.



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