In-depth Guide to Daily and Weekly Una's Tasks in Lost Ark

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Una’s Tasks are the daily and weekly quests in Lost Ark and hold an important role in day to day character progression.



This guide will teach you how the Una's system works, how to schedule your daily quests, and some tips on how to be efficient.

Una's Tasks unlock upon reaching level 50, and they are divided into daily quests, weekly quests, reputation, and guild request.

Game Menu Unas Tasks

Daily quests

Daily quests reset every day at the same time (11 a.m. server time), and each character on your roster has access to their own three quests with full loot by default.

Each daily quest gives you a basic set of rewards:

  1. Roster experience, which helps raise your roster level.
  2. Roster XP
  3. Reputation track points, which increase your reputation towards the one-time rewards.
  4. Reputation track points
  5. The quest's specific reward, which gives each daily quest a specific purpose depending on what items you need on that character.
  6. Quest reward
  7. Battle experience potions, which help increase your character's combat level.
  8. Battle XP potions

Rewards scale based on your gear score. A character in Tier 1 (level 50 to gear score 715) for example receives Tier 1 honing materials, and fewer silver if there is a silver reward. Combat experience potions gained are also fewer.

Roster experience, reputation points, and Una's token points stay the same across all three tiers.

There is also a “hidden” reward, or at least not displayed anywhere as a number, and that is the Roster Mission track on the far left. We are going to discuss this a bit later on, but each daily quest finished gives you 2 points towards that track.

Roster Mission

Some daily quests open up automatically as you discover new places, while others need you to have either finished the story of a zone, or a previous yellow or epic quest.

Generally speaking, you will have a wide selection of daily quests to choose from without any extra effort, but finishing regular quests around the world opens up more dailies for some particular reputation rewards that are useful to have.

If you wish to see the dailies you currently do not have access to, feel free to sort them by “Unavailable” and take a look at the left hand side where it tells you the prerequisite.

Unavailable Dailies

Each character can increase the limit by one, using a cash shop item that can be found in the right side tab of Mari's Secret Shop:

Lost Ark Shop

This item is restricted to one usage per day, and it resets every morning at 11 a.m. server time, which is the same as the daily quests.

Some in-game events offer a similar item, but with no cooldown, meaning you can finish as many daily quests as you have the item. You can do this all during one day if you wish. These items are not very common, and during event times, they are roster-wide purchases and limited in quantity.

Daily quests can also be instantly finished by paying 25 blue diamonds for each, a currency that can be obtained by exchanging gold or Royal crystals.

Royal Crystals

Any daily quest can be instantly completed assuming you have finished it once manually on any of your roster characters. Even though all characters on a roster have individual daily quest resets, they share their reputation track and Una's token progress.


Daily Reputation Track

This is a system that adds another layer to the daily quests, allowing you to receive one-time rewards as you complete certain dailies a number of times.

Reputation Track

These one-time rewards are roster-wide, so each character contributes to the same reward tracks.

Multiple characters can not get the reputation reward from the same daily quest during the same day. This is in place to prevent multiple alts finishing a reward track instantly. It is very common to use an alt in order to finish some daily quests that you do not want to do on your main due to their base rewards, but at the same time, you want to finish that reputation track for the reputation rewards.

The reputation rewards are generally very exciting, ranging from unique ships to sail the seas, such as the Astray, to interesting decorations for your stronghold, and even skill point potions.

Some reputation rewards are needed to complete your Adventure Tome in a few regions, such as Rohendell or Yorn.

Adventure Tome

In order to find the rewards you are looking for and thus the daily that you need to finish for them, you can easily use the search feature in the Reputation menu, above the reputation tracks.

Reputation menu search

Weekly quests

These reset every Thursday at 11 a.m. server time and offer greater rewards than the daily quests.

Weekly Quests

Each character on your roster can finish up to three weekly quests per week with full rewards. There are no items to increase the number of weekly quests available, and they do not have a reputation reward track like the dailies. Each weekly quest contributes with 12 points towards your Roster Mission progress.


Roster Mission

This is a system that gathers points for each daily and weekly you complete. You receive 2 points for one daily and 12 points for one weekly. The roster point track resets every Thursday at 11 a.m. server time. A total of 70 points are needed to complete this track, but there are checkpoints that reward you with Una's Tokens along the way.

Roster Mission

Every character on your roster contributes to the point gain, so if you finish three dailies on your alt and three on your main, that is a total of 12 Roster Mission points. The same goes for the weekly quests. Having alts does not mean you get more Una's tokens, it just means you will finish the track faster, thus being able to exchange your tokens to gold earlier in the week.

The NPC that exchanges Una's Tokens, Gold Shop on the map, is located in every major city.

Gold Shop

You have three options, Hefty Gold Sack, Small Safe and Large Gold Chest.

Gold Shop items

The gold gain scales with the amount of Una’s Tokens you pay, so basically, a more expensive box gives you roughly the same amount as two of the cheaper versions.

The only difference is that saving up for the most expensive box (500 Una's Tokens) gives you the chance to receive a legendary gold ingot, which gives you 10000 gold. It is strongly recommended to save up until you have 500 tokens and only purchase this box.

To be noted that Una's Token rewards scale based on the highest gear score character on your roster. If your highest is currently in Tier 2, then you will receive fewer tokens compared to another player in Tier 3.


Best Una's Tasks

The best dailies to do are the ones that help you the most at that time. For example, you might want to get the Skill Point Potion from the daily on Whispering Islet or you could work towards Island Souls or Giant's Hearts.

In my opinion, focusing on reputation track rewards before taking in consideration the actual daily quest reward, is a healthy way of doing dailies, as it provides a goal to work towards, and more joy along the way.

When you are finished with the reputation rewards that excite you, or if you do not care about them and just want to focus on honing, the best dailies to do on your Tier 3 character are the ones that give you Great Leapstones.

The most Great Honor Leapstone you can get from an Una's task is five. I recommend the following three tasks, as they are the fastest and most comfortable to finish, and they come at no extra cost, but at the same time, they still reward you with four Great Honor Leapstone, which is a great middle ground.

Three Tasks

Two of them are in Feiton, so you can even have just one Bifrost slot assigned for both, and one is on Hope Island.



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