Igniter Sorceress Build Guide for Lost Ark

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Harnessing the powers of Fire, Frost and Lightning, the Sorceress is the long-range caster DPS class, able to smite enemies from afar with hard-hitting spells. They excel in AoE situations, offering very strong crowd control capabilities and some of the highest burst in the game.


Igniter Sorceress Overview

The Sorceress is a long range DPS class, specialized in hard-hitting and impactful AoE spells while remaining at safe distance. This build is centered around maximizing the burst during Arcane Rupture windows, using a high Specialization gearset and the class Engraving Igniter Icon Igniter, which adds extra Critical Chance and Critical Damage. In Normal State, the goal instead is to build up Magick Energy as fast as possible, making use of Frost spells' increased Gauge gain to trigger burst windows every three rotations of your long-cooldown spells such as Doomsday Icon Doomsday, Explosion Icon Explosion, and Punishing Strike Icon Punishing Strike.


Igniter Sorceress Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Long range
  • +Powerful and hard-hitting AoE spells
  • +High burst potential
X Weaknesses
  • -Somewhat fragile
  • -Animation lock during casts makes them vulnerable
  • -Single mobility tool every 10 seconds without spending valuable gauge


The Sorceress is a relatively fragile caster which requires proper positioning to mitigate the lack of damage mitigation and mobility, and to perform some slowly-casted skills. While she has access to an additional tool for reposition herself in the form of Blink, doing so will set your next burst window back considerably as it costs 30% of the whole Gauge and therefore its usage should be minimized as much as possible.

While having a front liner will make a Sorceress life easier, they still have plenty of tools to control and displace targets before they close the gap, allowing Doomsday Icon Doomsday's, Explosion Icon Explosion's, and Punishing Strike Icon Punishing Strike's long casts to resolve.

Against bosses, while not having any positional requirements for their attacks, avoiding damage and being in a position to resolve casts uninterrupted is paramount and requires some encounter knowledge to avoid missing ground casts due to sudden boss movements, which is even more important in a build centered around burst windows.

The goal of the build is to be able to fit Doomsday Icon Doomsday, Explosion Icon Explosion, and Punishing Strike Icon Punishing Strike inside every single Arcane Rupture as frequent as possible, while using the other supporting skills to generate Magick Energy for the next burst window. In that context, while their Awakening Skill Enviska's Might may not be the highest damage option, it is quick to cast and should be used as often as possible as it is amplified by Arcane Rupture.

At the time of writing (in Tier 1) it is not possible to fit two casts of Doomsday Icon Doomsday within a single Arcane Rupture, as that requires around 20% cooldown (which cannot be reached without sacrificing other more important stats), therefore Doomsday should be delayed if you are about to cap the Identity Gauge (Arcane Rupture). That said, because Arcane Torrent gives 50% reduction in cooldowns with Igniter Icon Igniter, if Doomsday has 22 seconds or less of its cooldown left and your Gauge is full, you can cast Doomsday within the burst window.



Every class has a wide variety of skills to chose from with Tripods that can change how each skill performs. While being limited to eight at any given time, Sorceress has multiple options with few stand-outs. Below we will discuss our picks for skills for general purpose and single-target fights.


General Purpose

For most content, the best choice is to have high impact AoE spells along some form of crowd control, something Sorceress excels at. Listed below are the recommended Skills and Tripods, along potential alternatives further down the page:

  1. Fresh Level 50/248 skill point tree
  2. 296 skill point tree
  3. 312 skill point tree
  4. 340 skill point tree

Esoteric Reaction Icon Esoteric Reaction is the skill with the highest priority to level as it combines very high damage, instant cast time, the ability to pull in targets three times, and a 19-second cooldown (with Quick Prep Icon Quick Prep), making it an excellent choice to use in any situation without the need of a supporting spell to crowd control targets first. Enhanced Strike Icon Enhanced Strike and Shockwave Icon Shockwave both buff the damage but the latter offers a better overall output compared to Stabilized Crystal Icon Stabilized Crystal.

Punishing Strike Icon Punishing Strike should be the next focus as it offers the third highest damage in a wide area, excellent to hit bosses and mobs alike. Wide-Angle Attack Icon Wide-Angle Attack increases the uptime on moving targets which pairs well with Destruction Icon Destruction. Magick Amplification Icon Magick Amplification offers more damage than Final Strike in an Igniter build. Because of the long cast time, the spell is better used after a crowd control spell.

Doomsday Icon Doomsday is the hardest-hitting ability in Sorceress' toolkit and should be leveled as soon as possible. While the first row choices are not that compelling, Ignite Icon Ignite is the preferred choice as Mana should not be an issue. In the second row, Asteroid offers more damage than Flame Area Icon Flame Area and has much better usability/burst than Overheated Meteor Icon Overheated Meteor despite slightly lower damage per activation overall. Magick Amplification Icon Magick Amplification offers more damage than Final Strike in an Igniter build.

Explosion Icon Explosion has the second-highest damage and is only hindered by a long cast time, requiring some sort of crowd control or distance to pull it off before losing too much health from melee. As a result, while it may be a debatable pick, the sheer damage burst it provides can make up for its shortcomings. Ignite Icon Ignite is taken in the first row as the spell itself is already overkill for smaller enemies even without Law of the Jungle Icon Law of the Jungle. Weak Point Detection Icon Weak Point Detection is a better choice over Whirlpool Wildfire Icon Whirlpool Wildfire as often the most dangerous enemies are the ones immune to push effects, and the latter, while offering more damage on paper, requires targets to not walk out of the area of effect. Backfire Icon Backfire is usually worse in terms of damage and is more of a point blank shotgun effect which does not necessarily pair well with Sorceress fragility, despite being a quicker cast. Magick Amplification Icon Magick Amplification offers more damage than Final Strike in an Igniter Icon Igniter build.

Frost's Call Icon Frost's Call offers solid damage and an area-of-effect slow which can be used to set up spells with cast time. Enlightenment Icon Enlightenment increases the Gauge substantially, enabling more Arcane Rupture burst windows. Rule Enhancement Icon Rule Enhancement offers higher uptime on the slow and also increased damage, making easier to follow up with a cast time spell.

Seraphic Hail Icon Seraphic Hail combines repeated crowd control with increased Gauge generation thanks to Enlightenment Icon Enlightenment and Additional Explosion Icon Additional Explosion, and it is usually the best spell to use if you intend to cast Punishing Strike Icon Punishing Strike, Doomsday Icon Doomsday, or Explosion Icon Explosion on targets vulnerable to displacement effects.

Rime Arrow Icon Rime Arrow and Lightning Vortex Icon Lightning Vortex have lower priority in terms of point allocation, but both are worth to get to the first tripod at the very least, to improve Gauge generation with the former spell, and to debuff targets with the latter. Reaching the second row with Lightning Vortex allows for almost 100% uptime on that debuff, and the skill is worth maxing at 312 points for even more crowd control and damage capabilities.



For single-target content such as Guardian Raids, crowd control is of secondary importance, and having a counter effect is generally more valuable, since Sorceress can already cover the Destruction mechanic with both Explosion Icon Explosion and Doomsday Icon Doomsday. The following skills should help you maximize single-target damage in Tier 1 where bosses will not have lot of mobility.

  1. Fresh Level 50/248 skill point tree
  2. 296 skill point tree
  3. 312 skill point tree
  4. 340 skill point tree

This setup is somewhat similar to our General Purpose setup with a few changes in skills and skill tripods. Squall Icon Squall is the only counter skill Sorceress has available and replaces Seraphic Hail Icon Seraphic Hail for more utility at the expense of some damage and Identity Gauge generation. If full uptime is not possible with Esoteric Reaction Icon Esoteric Reaction Shockwave Icon Shockwave, consider swapping to Stabilized Crystal Icon Stabilized Crystal. The same can also be applied with Frost's Call Icon Frost's Call where Rule Enhancement Icon Rule Enhancement can be swapped with Unstable Rule Icon Unstable Rule for less damage but slightly more Gauge generation and easier uptime. Finally, Lightning Vortex Icon Lightning Vortex can be swapped with Blaze Icon Blaze for debuff application.

The [Awakening] Apocalypse Call Icon [Awakening] Apocalypse Call Awakening has a 3-second animation cast and on average requires at least six meteors to land in order to match Enviska's Might's damage, making it a more random choice.


Alternative Options

Sorceress' builds are generally flexible, and outside of heavy hitting abilities such as Explosion Icon Explosion, Doomsday Icon Doomsday, and Punishing Strike Icon Punishing Strike, the other complementary options can be swapped around to fit each player's preference. Inferno Icon Inferno can be used in place of Squall Icon Squall when counter abilities are not required or even Seraphic Hail Icon Seraphic Hail. While offering higher damage than Frost spells on average, it also has lower Gauge generation so it is something to keep in mind.


Stat Priority

The most influential stat is Specialization as it directly increase the damage during Arcane Rupture and its Arcane Meter gain during Normal Mode. After that, the choice is between Critical and Swiftness, but that boils down to less than 10% critical chance vs 5% movement/attack speed and cooldown reduction with current stat budget and perfect rolls. For gearing, it is recommended to get every slot on the right side with Specialization and the Necklace either Specialization/Critical or Specialization/Swiftness.



Igniter Icon Igniter is the most important Engraving as it provides both Critical Chance and Damage without any sort of drawback. Precise Dagger Icon Precise Dagger enables to reach over 50% Critical Chance without investing too much into it with gear. All-Out Attack Icon All-Out Attack is the only other 20% Damage Increase option besides Grudge Icon Grudge without any penalty and with the added bonus of faster Cast Time on those critical skills such as Doomsday Icon Doomsday, Explosion Icon Explosion, and Punishing Strike Icon Punishing Strike.


Skill Runes

Runes are Account bound tokens that can be used to enhance a single skill with various generic benefits:

  1. Quick Recharge Icon Quick Recharge runes are widely effective due to relatively long cooldowns in the build, increasing the frequency at which Arcane Rupture can be cast.
  2. Rage Icon Rage can be used on Squall Icon Squall to start a vulnerable phase faster after a counter.
  3. Galewind Icon Galewind can be an alternative to speed up casts on Doomsday Icon Doomsday, and especially Explosion Icon Explosion and Punishing Strike Icon Punishing Strike. However, it is more of an ease-of-use option since 8% should roughly account for 0.1 seconds from both 1.8- and 1.6-second casts.

Pet Stats

Pets can have stats that boost your character, and for this build we recommend using a pet that boosts your Specialization and Max life.



Adrophine Potion Icon Adrophine Potions further increase Arcane Torrent state burst, making them the preferred choice.


Card Sets

Cards are a rather late-game part of Lost Ark and can require significant time and investment in order to reach the leveled up benefits of any deck. This build does not require any particular deck to be effective but does benefit from any of the damaging-increasing decks. Ideally, you could use the Lostwind Cliff Icon Lostwind Cliff or Light of Salvation Icon Light of Salvation decks, but both of these require extreme amounts of investment to reach high levels. Unless you have the aforementioned decks, we recommend using anything that boosts your Max Health such as World Bosses or Armory sets.



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