Runaways Island Guide for Lost Ark

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This Island is a medium-sized shanty town that is filled with NPCs on the run from the law.

Runaways Island Region Location

Island Quest

The purple quest line for this Island is relatively straightforward and requires running around the Island repeatedly. For one part you will have to buy several items from the vendor on the Island for Pirate Coins but the quest should reimburse you for the coins you spend. After the NPCs run away you can find them on the West side of the Island. There is also a quest chain on the Island that starts in the Southern Middle section that rewards several uncommon rarity Engraving books that takes only about two minutes to complete. Completing this quest will also unlock a Rapport NPC on the Island.

One quest asks you to find an NPC who is hiding somewhere on the Island and does not provide a specific location to search. You can find this NPC on the East side of the Island.

The daily quest for this Island involves finding three types of people around the Island that can appear in fixed spawn locations. These NPCs can rapidly despawn on their own and appear at multiple places at the same time. Talking to an NPC will cause it to instantly despawn. It is important to note that the Northern section of the Island can never have any of the NPCs for the quest so you can run a loop between the Western and Eastern sides to find all three NPCs rather quick.


Island Token

This Island Token is obtained from completing the daily quest for this Island six times.


Mokoko Seeds

This Island is home to 6 Mokoko Seeds. Three of them are in the open and the other three are in a hidden room that requires the song Music of Resonance to unlock.

Runaways Island Mokoko Map


The vendor on this Island sells only junk that is used as a part of the Quests that are on the Island.



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