Remaining Energy Deathblade Skill Guide for Lost Ark

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The nimble Deathblade cuts through her foes with ease, using both dual-blades and a longsword as her weapons of choice. This highly mobile assassin excels at using charge skills in rapid succession to deliver heavy hitting blows to her enemies. Deathblade comes in two playstyles, Surge Zero and Remaining Energy.


Remaining Energy: Skill Descriptions, Tripods, Gems and Runes


Skill Descriptions

Remaining Energy Icon Remaining Energy's main DPS skills are all charges. Within those, some provide great Death Orb generation. Her other skills grant party Synergy, serve as movement tools or damage fillers.


Synergy and Movement Skills

  • Dark Axel Icon Dark Axel is a push immune skill that serves as a reposition tool. With High Axel Icon High Axel, you can jump over even Legion Commanders!
  • Maelstrom Icon Maelstrom increases your Death Orb build-up via Orb Control Icon Orb Control and grants Attack / Move Speed buffs to yourself and party. Crucial to use before big gauge builders like Soul Absorber Icon Soul Absorber & Void Strike Icon Void Strike.
  • Spincutter Icon Spincutter is a low cooldown Synergy skills, providing +3% increased damage and an additional +9% to positional attacks.

Damage Skills

  • Blitz Rush Icon Blitz Rush is our second highest DPS skill, only behind Surge itself.
  • Earth Cleaver Icon Earth Cleaver serves as our Counter, Destruction & decent Stagger skill. On top of all of this it has a tripod for push immunity, it's an insanely packed skill in your kit.
  • Moonlight Sonic Icon Moonlight Sonic isn't a positional and it's not a charge skill thus won't benefit from Master of Ambush Icon Master of Ambush & Super Charge Icon Super Charge. This said, it's still a solid filler skill while waiting for other skills to come off cooldown.
  • Soul Absorber Icon Soul Absorber generates a large amount of gauge and contributes a slightly less amount of DPS than Blitz Rush Icon Blitz Rush.
  • Void Strike Icon Void Strike is your fourth strongest skill and provides a little less gauge than Soul Absorber Icon Soul Absorber.


Your main priority for tripods should be increased Orb generation and damage increases on your DPS skills. While some cannot be leveled at all, you also have the option of leaving those unspecified at around level 3-4 until you're able to level them further.

Skill Name Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Maelstrom Orb Control Icon Orb Control (High) Dark Order Icon Dark Order (Medium) N/A
Spincutter Open Weakness Icon Open Weakness (N/A) Quick Prep Icon Quick Prep (Medium) Triple Spin Icon Triple Spin (N/A)
Dark Axel Swift Fingers Icon Swift Fingers (Low) Tenacity Icon Tenacity (N/A) High Axel Icon High Axel (N/A)
Blitz Rush Vital Point Hit Icon Vital Point Hit (High) Charge Enhancement Icon Charge Enhancement (High) Shadow Rush Icon Shadow Rush (High)
Soul Absorber Swift Fingers Icon Swift Fingers (Low) Fist of Darkness Icon Fist of Darkness  (High) Halve Icon Halve  (High)
Moonlight Sonic Fist of Darkness Icon Fist of Darkness (Medium) Sustain Enhancement Icon Sustain Enhancement (Medium) Shade Sonic Icon Shade Sonic (Medium)
Void Strike Orb Control Icon Orb Control (High) Fist of Darkness Icon Fist of Darkness (Medium) Dark Explosion Icon Dark Explosion  (Medium)
Earth Cleaver Push Icon Push (Low) Weak Point Detection Icon Weak Point Detection (Low) Earth Explosion Icon Earth Explosion (Low)










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