Remaining Energy Deathblade Guide for Lost Ark

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The nimble Deathblade cuts through her foes with ease, using both dual-blades and a longsword as her weapons of choice. This highly mobile assassin excels at using charge skills in rapid succession to deliver heavy hitting blows to her enemies. Deathblade comes in two playstyles, Surge Zero and Remaining Energy.


Remaining Energy: Skill Builds and Rotation

If you're looking for further information on the Remaining Energy Icon Remaining Energy build for Deathblade, the following links will provide that for you.


Remaining Energy Deathblade Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Constantly within speed buffs and has CDR from Death Trance
  • +Easy to pick up and play, having a cyclical rotation
  • +More sustained DPS with several skills that have high overall contribution
X Weaknesses
  • -Heavily reliant on Back Attacks, more than 3/4ths of your damage are positionals
  • -More expensive with heavier reliance on tripods, gems and stats to smoothen the rotation
  • -Doesn't receive a massive passive spike until Relic gear

Chaos Dungeon Skill Build


Raid Skill Build


Remaining Energy's Playstyle

Cycles consist of using Surge and building Death Orbs while under the Remaining Energy Icon Remaining Energy buff. We prioritize Blitz Rush Icon Blitz Rush and Spincutter Icon Spincutter at the start of our damage cycles. The former being our highest DPS contributor from a normal skill and the latter is our party Synergy. Ideally, you want to fit your skills including Surge within Open Weakness Icon Open Weakness that lasts for 10 seconds. However, due to stat and gear differences, you'll have to adjust your rotation to ensure things land underneath your buff. High Specialization (1600+ at Relic gear), Wealth Icon Wealth runes, tripods and gems are required to ensure the smoothest of rotations. These all work towards granting higher Death Orb generation, Surge's damage and further reduces cooldowns upon entering Death Trance.

As a baseline you'll follow these priorities when DPSing:

Remaining Energy Rotation

For those that may be building a new Deathblade and might be in Legendary gear or have the class as an alt character, you'll have longer periods between Surge. Also with lower tripods and gems you'll have less orb generation and longer cooldowns. Even with this in mind, you'll never have a complete full uptime encounter, so the added downtime is mitigated here and there. You'll feel the effects the most during burst windows, where you're not able build Surge or cycle skills fast enough. Still, while following the above priorities, you'll be able to deal decent damage but won't experience the same levels of fluidity that comes with higher stats and better gear.



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