TBC Classic Restoration Druid Stat Priority

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On this page, you will find out the optimal PvE stat priority for your Restoration Druid in TBC Classic. We first present the stat priority, before delving into more complex explanations.


Stats for Restoration Druids in TBC Classic

The list below compares the relative value of 1 point of the stat, or rating in the case of Spell Haste Rating, for example.

  1. Spell Healing;
  2. Spell Haste (to 242);
  3. Spirit;
  4. Mp5;
  5. Intellect;
  6. Spell Critical Strike;
  7. Stamina.

This is the stat priority that will generally result in higher healing throughput. Although Stamina does not give damage it does help you stay alive, especially against unavoidable damage; make sure to not neglect it!

Druids are somewhat unique in that their heals over time do tick faster with Spell Haste (you can cast more of them with a lower GCD, however) and cannot Critical Strike, making them mostly be about stacking Spell Healing and regeneration stats, especially Spirit to power up Tree of Life IconTree of Life.


Stats Explained for Restoration Druid


Healing Power

Spell Healing is applied to each spell based on its casting time. The coefficient is calculated by dividing the cast time of a spell by 3.5. This is because a 3.5 second cast benefits from 100% of your gear's Spell Healing.

You can save some Mana by using lower ranks of your healing spells, which will benefit from most of your Spell Healing but cost less Mana and do less overhealing than maximum ranks.

Something to take into account is that in TBC there is a new scaling penalty for downranking spells, which decreases Spell Healing benefits for spells learned below your current level. The penalty is highest for your first rank of the spell, and gradually diminishes as you increase in ranks until you reach your current maximum rank, which has no penalty.


Spell Haste

Spell Haste is one of the new stats introduced in the Burning Crusade. It decreases your cast times, which is of value for long casts such as Healing Touch IconHealing Touch and when you have enough to hit GCD breakpoints that allow you to fit in extra spells, but does not make your heals-over-time tick faster, which causes it to be of lower value than raw Spell Healing for Restoration Druids.



Spirit increases your out of combat health and Mana regeneration. However, you will gain 30% of this bonus while in combat due to your Intensity IconIntensity talent. More Mana means more casts before the fight is over, and it will also benefit your party through Tree of Life IconTree of Life. Sitting (through the /sit command, or when eating or drinking) increases Spirit regeneration by 33%.



Mana every 5 seconds, or simply Mp5, is a common stat found on healing gear. This is the best stat for getting more Mana during a fight because it works constantly, even if you cast something in the last 5 seconds (contrary to Spirit) and should thus be taken whenever possible, until you feel comfortable with your Mana sustainability.



Each point of Intellect gives an additional 15 max Mana and a small increase to your spell crit chance, as well as potential extra Mp5 through Dreamstate IconDreamstate and extra Spell Damage and Healing through Lunar Guidance IconLunar Guidance. These conversions make Intellect a strong stat to stack for deep Balance healing specializations.


Spell Crit

Heals over time cannot critical strike, which lowers the value of this stat for Restoration Druids significantly. Having Nature's Grace IconNature's Grace on your build makes this stat more valuable, as it will reduce your Healing Touch IconHealing Touch cast times significantly when it procs.



Each point of Stamina gives 10 max health points. Having a health pool high enough to not die to raid mechanics is important, but you should naturally acquire this from gear without needing to worry about it.


Other Druid Stat Explanations



Resilience is a new stat in TBC, only found on PvP gear, which reduces your chance to take a critical strike, as well as the damage you take from those, the Mana burned by effects such as Mana Burn IconMana Burn and the damage taken from damage over time effects such as Corruption IconCorruption. This is a great stat in PvP as it makes you a lot more durable, increasing the value of your healing in the process.



Resistance, while inherently niche due to different bosses dealing different magical damage types, can be very useful while progressing specific bosses. Wearing resistance gear of a type makes you take less damage or even completely avoid damage when hit by that type of magical damage.



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