TBC Classic Restoration Shaman Enchants and Consumables

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On this page, we list the best enchants, flasks, potions, and food you can get for your Restoration Shaman in TBC Classic for PvE content.


Best Enchants for Restoration Shamans

Slot Enchantment
Head Glyph of Renewal Icon Glyph of Renewal — from Thrallmar or Honor Hold in Hellfire Peninsula.
Back Enchant Cloak - Greater Shadow Resistance IconEnchant Cloak - Greater Shadow Resistance or Enchant Cloak - Subtlety IconEnchant Cloak - Subtlety
Chest Enchant Chest - Restore Mana Prime IconEnchant Chest - Restore Mana Prime (Mana issues) or Enchant Chest - Exceptional Stats IconEnchant Chest - Exceptional Stats
Wrists Enchant Bracer - Superior Healing IconEnchant Bracer - Superior Healing
Hands Enchant Gloves - Major Healing IconEnchant Gloves - Major Healing
Legs Golden Spellthread Icon Golden Spellthread or Silver Spellthread Icon Silver Spellthread (cheaper)
Feet Enchant Boots - Boar's Speed IconEnchant Boots - Boar's Speed
Weapon Enchant Weapon - Major Healing IconEnchant Weapon - Major Healing
Shield Enchant Shield - Intellect IconEnchant Shield - Intellect
Rings Enchant Ring - Healing Power IconEnchant Ring - Healing Power

Best Gems for Restoration Shamans

Because of the different stat values, as discussed in our stats page, the value of each gem varies, depending on the stats they provide.

The red gems are usually the most valuable, granting a lot of Spell Healing. Blue gems have Mp5 and Yellow gems have Intellect, Spell Crit or Spell Haste. Typically the value of just stacking red gems is such that you will want to ignore socket bonuses, unless you can get them with one split gem and they offer a strong stat such as bonus healing.


TBC Restoration Shaman Meta Gem

Insightful Earthstorm Diamond Icon Insightful Earthstorm Diamond is the best overall meta gem for Restoration Shamans, granting a lot of Mana over time and benefiting from your constant casting rotation. Bracing Earthstorm Diamond Icon Bracing Earthstorm Diamond can also be used if you have no Mana issues.


TBC Restoration Shaman Red Gem Sockets

The Teardrop Crimson Spinel Icon Teardrop Crimson Spinel is the main gem that you should be putting into your gear, regardless of socket color in most cases. This is because it offers a similar level of throughput increase as Quick Lionseye Icon Quick Lionseye, but without the Mana pressure of having extra Spell Haste.


TBC Restoration Shaman Blue Gem Sockets

Royal Shadowsong Amethyst Icon Royal Shadowsong Amethyst is the best blue gem and is used to unlock your meta gem. Try to put them into blue sockets in order to get some socket bonuses as well.


TBC Restoration Shaman Yellow Gem Sockets

Quick Lionseye Icon Quick Lionseye is the best yellow gem and is used to unlock Insightful Earthstorm Diamond Icon Insightful Earthstorm Diamond. Use them on yellow sockets with good bonuses.


TBC Classic Restoration Shaman Complete Consumable List

Because of their expensive spells, Shamans can be quite Mana-hungry. You can prolong your Mana bar a lot by using consumables, which is recommended when min-maxing or progressing new bosses.


TBC Classic Restoration Shaman Flasks

Using a flask is weaker than having a battle + guardian elixir for Restoration Shamans, as the stats gained from elixirs are a lot stronger. However, because they persist through death, using one can be much cheaper if you are expecting to die a lot. If you want to use a Flask, use Flask of Distilled Wisdom Icon Flask of Distilled Wisdom or Flask of Mighty Restoration Icon Flask of Mighty Restoration.


TBC Classic Restoration Shaman Elixirs

Elixir of Healing Power Icon Elixir of Healing Power is the best Battle Elixir, while Elixir of Draenic Wisdom Icon Elixir of Draenic Wisdom, or Elixir of Major Mageblood Icon Elixir of Major Mageblood for Mana, are the best Guardian Elixirs.


TBC Classic Restoration Shaman Food Buff

Golden Fish Sticks Icon Golden Fish Sticks is the only choice for Healers.


TBC Classic Restoration Shaman Weapon Oil

Brilliant Mana Oil Icon Brilliant Mana Oil (or Superior Wizard Oil Icon Superior Wizard Oil if Mana is not an issue) is still the best oil available in TBC, due to its large healing and Mp5 boost.


TBC Classic Restoration Shaman Potions

Super Mana Potion Icon Super Mana Potion is the best potion available for regenerating Mana. Use it as soon as you can make use of the Mana it provides without wasting any of your passive regeneration, so that you can use additional potions sooner as the encounter progresses.


Other TBC Classic Restoration Shaman Consumables

  • Drums of Battle Icon Drums of Battle give Spell Haste to yourself and your party, as long as they are nearby. Make sure to use this on cooldown if you are a Leatherworker!
  • Stratholme Holy Water Icon Stratholme Holy Water are great for killing packs of undead mobs, such as the skeletons on Nightbane.
  • Dark Rune Icon Dark Rune and Demonic Rune Icon Demonic Rune are farmed in WoW Classic content and serve as extra Mana potions.
  • Ankh Icon Ankhs are needed to self-res, make sure you always have some!
  • Engineering explosives such as Super Sapper Charge Icon Super Sapper Charge can be helpful to clear trash packs quickly, but unfortunately can only be used by Engineers.
  • Heavy Netherweave Bandage Icon Heavy Netherweave Bandage are great for keeping your Mana regeneration going while doing some Mana free healing.
  • Nightmare Seed Icon Nightmare Seeds serve as a 30-second health increase, which can be useful to stay alive in high damage situations.
  • Protection potions such as Major Shadow Protection Potion Icon Major Shadow Protection Potion are crucial to survive the high magical damage of certain encounters, and can also be great in PvP if you have the right potion for the enemy you are facing.
  • Free Action Potion Icon Free Action Potions make you immune to stun and movement impairing effects for 30 seconds, but do not remove effects already on you. These are amazing in PvP and can also be used to preempt dangerous stuns in PvE.
  • Living Action Potion Icon Living Action Potion makes you immune to stun and movement impairing effects for 5 seconds, while also removing any such effects already present on you. This can be of great use in PvP and against dangerous PvE stuns.
  • Invisibility Potion Icon Invisibility Potion and Lesser Invisibility Potion Icon Lesser Invisibility Potion make you invisible for a while, making them great for skipping any especially hard parts of a Heroic dungeon.
  • Swiftness Potion Icon Swiftness Potion increases your movement speed by 50% for 15 seconds. These can occasionally be useful in both PvP and PvE situations.


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