Gahz'ranka Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot

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Gahz'ranka is the final optional boss in Zul'Gurub, and while quite easy to do, is a pain to summon. Summoning Ghaz'ranka requires a raider with maxed fishing to complete a quest chain and do some fishing, so make sure someone is ready to go!


Summoning Gahz'ranka

Gahz'ranka is one of the many optional bosses in Zul'Gurub, but is noticeably one of the most frequently skipped bosses, due to an annoying summoning requirement and a lack of important loot drops. If you do wish to summon Gahz'ranka, however, you will need to have a maxed fisherman in your group do the quest chain below.

  1. Start in Zul'Gurub. At the very north is the temple where you fought the High Priestess Arlokk. Directly south of that temple is a river. Next to the river is a camp, where, in a small chest in the camp, you can loot Nat's Measuring Tape Icon Nat's Measuring Tape.
  2. Take the measuring tape to Nat Pagle in Dustwallow Marsh.
  3. Complete the quest by talking to him, and buy the Mudskunk Lure Icon Mudskunk Lure that he now sells.
  4. Return to Zul'Gurub, and go back to the same river from the first step. Along that river are pools of fish that will be called Muddy Churning Waters. Fish there until you have 5x Zulian Mudskunk Icon Zulian Mudskunks.
  5. Go back to where you first found the measuring tape. Use the lure in the river directly next to the camp to summon Gahz'ranka.

Strategy for Gahz'ranka

Gahz'ranka is an incredibly easy fight as he only has three mechanics, two of which you can completely negate by fighting him underwater in the river. His abilities are Frost Breath IconFrost Breath, which is just a tank damage cone, Gahz'ranka Slam IconGahz'ranka Slam, which is just a tank knock-back that being underwater solves, and Massive Geyser IconMassive Geyser, a random knock-back that being underwater solves. Just fight him in the river, and kill him for some free loot.


Loot from Gahz'ranka

Item Slot
Nat Pagle's Broken Reel Icon Nat Pagle's Broken Reel Trinket
Tigule's Harpoon Icon Tigule's Harpoon Polearm
Tome of Polymorph: Turtle Misc (Mage-only)
Foror's Eyepatch Icon Foror's Eyepatch Head
Nat Pagle's Fish Terminator Icon Nat Pagle's Fish Terminator Staff


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