High Priest Thekal Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot

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High Priest Thekal is the penultimate Priest that you will kill before Hakkar, and can be found in his temple to north-east inside Zul'Gurub. He is the Tiger Aspect, using his tigers and his own tiger abilities to fight.


High Priest Thekal Summary by Role



  • You will want 3 tanks.
  • Have one tank hold each enemy, with anyone holding the tigers on pull (they will die very quickly).
  • There are a few threat drops during the fight from Zath and Thekal, so be ready to help the other tanks if needed.


  • Look to dispel Silence Icon Silence.
  • The boss enrages at 20%, so watch the tanks closely.


  • Kill the tigers on pull.
  • All three trolls need to die at roughly the same time, so split the raid's damage on them.
  • Have at least a few melee assigned to Lor'Khan for interrupts.

General Tips for High Priest Thekal

  • The raid can position near a wall during Phase 2 for the knockback that Thekal does.
  • Make sure you are killing all three trolls at the same time in Phase 1.
  • Whoever is tanking Zath will sometimes get controlled and lose threat, so other tanks need to be ready to pick Zath up.

Strategy for High Priest Thekal


Phase 1

Start the fight by assigning one tank each to Lor'Khan, Zath, and High Priest Thekal. They should pull their respective targets with the main tank also pulling the tigers to be killed quickly. Once the tigers are dead, start killing all three trolls. They all need to die at the same time or they will resurrect. Generally, the easiest way to do this is to get each boss to 10% health before bringing them together to AoE them down at once.

During Phase 1, healers need to watch to dispel Silence Icon Silence when Thekal uses it on raid members. At least a couple of melee need to be assigned to interrupt Great Heal IconGreat Heal whenever Lor'Khan casts it. You should assign at least one DPS Warrior to attack Zath to taunt him whenever his tank gets incapacitated with Blind Icon Blind or Gouge Icon Gouge, as this will cause him to drop threat. You can just kite him during this time, but it is worth noting that all the bosses here can be Disarm Icon Disarmed, so this is a good option as well.


Phase 2

Phase 2 begins when all three of them die. Once they all die, High Priest Thekal will resurrect as a tiger, and the remainder of the fight turns into a simple burn. The only ability to watch out for is the Force Punch IconForce Punch, which will knock the whole raid backwards and drop Thekal's threat on his current target. You can position against a wall to mitigate this, and your tanks should be ready to taunt. It is also worth noting he enrages at 20% health, so it could get dangerous at the end.


Important Abilities

  • Great Heal IconGreat Heal from Lor'Khan needs to be interrupted.
  • Silence Icon Silence needs to be dispelled from raiders.
  • Force Punch IconForce Punch will knock you back and drop the boss's threat in Phase 2.

Loot from High Priest Thekal

Item Slot
Peacekeeper Leggings Icon Peacekeeper Leggings Legs
Ritualistic Legguards Icon Ritualistic Legguards Legs
Seafury Leggings Icon Seafury Leggings Legs
Seal of Jin Icon Seal of Jin Ring
Zulian Slicer Icon Zulian Slicer 1-Hand Sword
Betrayer's Boots Icon Betrayer's Boots Feet
Thekal's Grasp Icon Thekal's Grasp Fist Weapon

Shared High Priest Loot

The High Priests and Priestesses of Zul'Gurub have a shared set of items in their loot table that can be dropped in addition to their specific loot tables.

Item Slot
Belt of Untapped Power Icon Belt of Untapped Power Waist
Blooddrenched Mask Icon Blooddrenched Mask Head
Cloak of the Hakkari Worshipers Icon Cloak of the Hakkari Worshipers Back
Gloves of the Tormented Icon Gloves of the Tormented Hands
Might of the Tribe Icon Might of the Tribe Back
Sacrificial Gauntlets Icon Sacrificial Gauntlets Hands
Zulian Headdress Icon Zulian Headdress Head
Zulian Scepter of Rites Icon Zulian Scepter of Rites 1-Hand Mace
Band of Servitude Icon Band of Servitude Ring
Seal of the Gurubashi Berserker Icon Seal of the Gurubashi Berserker Ring


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