Onyxia Alliance Attunement Guide

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Onyxia's Lair has one of the longest attunement quests in Classic, with two separate questlines for the two factions. This page contains the Alliance attunement questline, but if you play Horde, you can take a look at our Horde attunement guide for Onyxia's Lair.

In order to enter Onyxia's Lair, players will need to have a Drakefire Amulet Icon Drakefire Amulet, which is obtained through a faction-specific attunement quest chain.


Quest Chain for Onyxia's Lair Attunement (Alliance)

The quest chain for the Alliance is split into groups of quests and we have outlined the full progression of quests below.

To start the questline, you will need to be Level 48, but to finish it, you will need to be Level 52.


The True Masters Quest Group

The quest line starts in the Burning Steppes, where you have to have to find Helendis Riverhorn in the southeast of the zone.

You will receive Dragonkin Menace, which requires you to kill 15 Black Broodlings, 10 Black Dragonspawn, 4 Black Wyrmkin, and a Black Drake.

Once finished, head back to Helendis and pick up The True Masters.

The True Masters quests simply require you to visit NPCs in different areas, from Stormwind Keep to Lakeshire and then finally to the Burning Steppes.

Once you have completed these travelling quests, you will have to head into Blackrock Depths to find Marshal Windsor. You will need to kill High Interrogator Gerstahn to obtain a key and then open the cell that houses Marshal Windsor in the prison area.

Windsor will give you the quest Abandoned Hope, which requires you to head back to Marshal Maxwell in Morgan's Vigil, in the Burning Steppes.


The Crumpled Note Quest Group

After you have completed the first section of the quests, you can kill mobs in Blackrock Depths to find A Crumpled Up Note Icon A Crumpled Up Note. This will start the next section of quests, with A Crumpled Up Note.

Take the note to Marshal Windsor in Blackrock Depths and he will give you the quest A Shred of Hope.

You will have to kill Golem Lord Argelmach and General Angerforge in the dungeon and loot the two sets of lost information.

Return to Windsor to hand this in and to obtain the quest for the next section.


Jail Break Quest Group

As soon as you accept the next quest, it will start the escort portion, so have a group ready!

Jail Break! requires you to help Marshal Windsor escape the dungeon. You should clear as much trash as you can prior to starting this quest, to avoid unnecessary fighting. Once you have succeeded, speak to Marshal Maxwell back in Morgan's Vigil to hand in the quest.

He will give you Stormwind Rendezvous, which requires you to head to Stormwind City and speak to Squire Rowe near the gates.

Once he announces you, you will need to speak to Marshal Windsor.


General Drakkisath Quest Group

Marshal Windsor needs an escort through Stormwind for the next quest, The Great Masquerade. Follow him and make sure he does not die. You can let Bolvar fight most of the mobs for you, despite the mobs being difficult to solo, so just stand back and let him fight.

Once you complete the escort, Bolvar will give you the next quest, The Dragon's Eye, which requires you to find Haleh in a cave to the southwest of Everlook in Winterspring.

Haleh will give you the final quest, Drakefire Amulet, which requires you to kill General Drakkisath and retrieve the Blood of the Black Dragon Champion Icon Blood of the Black Dragon Champion.

Return this to Haleh to obtain your Drakefire Amulet Icon Drakefire Amulet.



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