Ouro Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot

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Ouro is the third, and final, optional boss in the AQ40, and can be fought once The Twin Emperors are killed.

You will find him burrowed away from sight in his room, waiting to ambush unsuspecting adventurers. Once engaged, prepare to alternate between dealing damage and running away from ground effects, culminating in a race against his 20% berserk.

Notable loot includes Jom Gabbar Icon Jom Gabbar and Don Rigoberto's Lost Hat Icon Don Rigoberto's Lost Hat, as well as the leg slot Tier 2.5 tokens.


Season of Mastery changes to the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj

In the Season of Mastery, the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj has gained a new affix system that allows for new challenges and additional loot to be gained for defeating bosses inside of the raid instance. Check out our in-depth guide for this new feature in the AQ40 raid guide hub.


Ouro Summary by Role



  • You will want at least 2 tanks, with more making the encounter more forgiving, due to the threat reset mechanic on Sand Blast. Turn the boss away from the rest of the raid at all times and have the off-tanks be ready to take over once Sand Blast goes off.
  • Tanks should also be prepared for Sweep, which will knockback any player in Ouro's melee range once it finishes casting. Intercept Icon Intercept back in instantly to avoid giving him time to burrow.
  • Make sure to save defensive cooldowns for the final 20% burn, as the boss will be hitting much harder and it is likely you will have earthquakes under you as well.


  • Spread out around the boss to avoid having Sand Blast hitting multiple healers at once. Try not to be behind any of the tanks, however.
  • Dodge earthquake effects on the ground when Ouro submerges.
  • Save at least 20% of your Mana for the final 20% burn and use fast or instant heals while dodging earthquakes.


  • Spread out around the boss to minimize Sand Blast damage.
  • Move out when Sweep is about to be cast, to reduce raid damage.
  • Dodge earthquake effects on the ground when Ouro submerges.
  • Save DPS cooldowns for the final 20% burn and focus on dodging earthquakes: dead DPS do no DPS.
  • You can Vanish Icon Vanish and Feign Death Icon Feign Death the breath if targeted, which will cancel it and prevent raid damage.

Strategy for Ouro

Ouro will start the fight burrowed, showcasing the earthquake ground effect you need to dodge whenever he burrows and after his 20% berserk. Start the fight by approaching him and have the main tank pick him up and turn him away from the raid. Sand Blast hits an extremely wide area in front of Ouro, so make sure the current tank is the only person in front or to the side of the boss.

DPS him until he burrows, which will happen after a time period or immediately if there are no players in his melee range, so make sure there is always at least one tank in melee range, which can be accomplished by having at least one off-tank move away just before Sweep is to be cast and moving in as soon as it finishes casting.

Once he burrows, all you need to do is avoid the earthquake ground effects for a while until he resurfaces. Some adds will spawn at this point, which should be gathered and killed.

Repeat until he reaches 20% life, at which point he will stop going down and, instead, enrage and start using his burrowed phase mechanics (ground earthquakes that deal damage + add summoning) alongside his normal mechanics (sand breath, sweep). The fight becomes very hectic at this point and you should pop all cooldowns to kill him before too many people die and a wipe is inevitable.


Loot from Ouro

Item Slot
Don Rigoberto's Lost Hat Icon Don Rigoberto's Lost Hat Head
Burrower Bracers Icon Burrower Bracers Wrist
Larvae of the Great Worm Icon Larvae of the Great Worm Ranged
Wormscale Blocker Icon Wormscale Blocker Shield
Jom Gabbar Icon Jom Gabbar Trinket
Skin of the Great Sandworm Icon Skin of the Great Sandworm Token
Ouro's Intact Hide Icon Ouro's Intact Hide Token
Imperial Qiraji Armaments Icon Imperial Qiraji Armaments Token
Imperial Qiraji Regalia Icon Imperial Qiraji Regalia Token


  • 21 Apr. 2022: Mentioned encounter changes in the Season of Mastery.
  • 05 Jul. 2020: Clarified the mechanics on Sand Breath.
  • 30 Jun. 2020: Guide added.
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