Lightning Sorceress Build Skills for Diablo 2 Resurrected

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This page shows the recommended skill point progression and priority for the Lightning Sorceress. Note that the following list refers to the total number of skill points, not the character level, to best account for the 12 bonus skill points granted by quests.


Lightning Sorceress Skill Build

  1. 20 points to Lightning Lightning — max first, required
  2. 20 points to Chain Lightning Chain Lightning — max after Lightning, required
  3. 20 points to Lightning Mastery Lightning Mastery — max after Chain Lightning Chain Lightning, required
  4. 20 points to Charged Bolt Charged Bolt — max after Lightning Mastery Lightning Mastery, required
  5. 20 points to Nova Nova — max after Charged Bolt Charged Bolt, required
  6. 1 points to Teleport Teleport — skill right at level 18, required
  7. 1+ points to Thunder Storm Thunder Storm — can be useful for extra points at the end, optional
  8. 1 points to Warmth Warmth — invested once a higher level with a lot of plus to skills, optional
  9. 1 points to Frozen Armor Frozen Armor — helpful in freezing monsters that hit you so you can get away, optional
  10. X points to Energy Shield Energy Shield — if you wish to build for Energy Shield you can place points here if you have spare, otherwise none, optional

Select Lightning Sorceress Skill Discussion

The Lightning Lightning Sorceress is likely the fastest boss farmer and Baal run clearer. She also handles most, if not all, content very well and is comparable to builds like the Hammerdin and Javazon.

She utilizes a combination of Lightning and Chain Lightning Chain Lightning depending on how many targets there are to damage. If there are a lot of scattered monsters, Chain Lightning Chain Lightning may be preferred to hit them all. Otherwise, you can use Lightning Lightning and line up shots that pass between multiple monsters. Lightning Lightning is the boss killer skill, doing somewhere in the neighborhood of 1-50k damage at max build. It should be noted that Lightning Lightning and Chain Lightning Chain Lightning have their own slower animation and have a separate Faster Cast Rate breakpoint table for it.

The Lightning Lightning Sorceress is somewhat gear dependent for a Sorceress. She does not become super strong until some important endgame items come into play, like Infinity. Without Infinity, the Lightning Lightning Sorceress can feel slow or frustrating to play, and a Cold Sorceress may be preferred for higher baseline damage. But once these important items come into play, the Lightning Lightning Sorceress can be extremely quick and do well even with a 200% Faster Cast Rate build (maximum Teleport Teleport speed, 7 frames).

A Lightning Lightning Sorceress should make good use of Static Field Static Field with her endgame items, as -% Enemy Lightning Resistance will increase her Static Field Static Field Damage, allowing you to chunk monsters' and especially bosses' health pools extremely quickly. For example, a 200% Faster Cast Rate Lightning Lightning Sorceress with an Infinity and Griffon's Eye Griffon's Eye can reduce Hell Mephisto's Life pool to ~49% of his maximum health in just over half a second (14 frames). However, Static Field Static Field is capped to 33% Life in Nightmare and 50% Life in Hell.

It should be noted that the Lightning Lightning Sorceress typically builds like a glass cannon, and while she may have good resistances and mobility compared to a Javazon, it is easy to teleport into the wrong spot and die quickly. Sorceresses are squishy after all.


Lightning Sorceress Stats Discussion

The following section discusses how many attribute points should be allocated to each of the primary stats.


How much Strength Does a Lightning Sorceress Need?

Enough for gear — for a Character using a Spirit Monarch Monarch Shield this will be 156 Strength as that is usually the highest Strength requirement for commonly used gear. If choosing to use another shield with lower Strength requirements, then adjust to that value. This number constantly changes based on the equipment you are using, so make sure to double-check the Strength requirements of each piece of gear you have and how much Strength each piece will provide once equipped.


How much Dexterity Does a Lightning Sorceress Need?

Enough for gear. Dexterity is great for increasing Block Chance but if you are not planning to invest points to max that out, it is often not worth adding any additional points. The little bit of Attack Rating gained per stat point ends up not being worth it most of the time and is better spent on more Life instead.


How much Vitality Does a Lightning Sorceress Need?

Everything else into Vitality — 250+ Vitality. Every excess attribute point should be allocated to Vitality, as long as you can meet the Strength requirements of your items by the time you wish to equip them. Not only does this increase your Life total, but it also increases the chance for Health Potions to double the healing provided. On top of that, the more Life you have, the less chance you have to be put into Hit Recovery, helping your character out even more!


How much Energy Does a Lightning Sorceress Need?

Nothing here unless going for an Energy Shield Energy Shield build, in which case everything else here. If running Energy Shield Energy Shield, then Mana becomes your Life pool so increasing that as much as possible is important.



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