Physical Spearzon (Amazon) Build for Diablo 2 Resurrected

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The "Spearzon" Amazon is a new Build made viable thanks to the 2.4 Patch Update. With the new Impale Impale Skill being uninterruptible, applying a slow, and always hitting plus a massive 100% increase in Attack Speed for Fend Fend this Build is capable of serious damage output and much less buggy than it used to be. With great range on Spears, this Amazon can have a little bit of extra safety from Melee Monsters while still dishing out great Damage from afar.



A Spearzon can be played in a variety of ways now thanks to some recent changes in Diablo 2 Resurrected! For a Physical Build you will be using Fend Fend and Impale Impale while searching for Attack Rating and Max Damage wherever you can find it. This build when fully powered can crush any Area in the game and is especially strong against bosses.

You can check the viability of this build in PvM by consulting our PvM Tier List.


Spearzon Skill Build

This section shows the default skill build for the Spearzon. For a detailed breakdown of all core and optional skills as well as the recommended order for allocating skill points, refer to the Skills page of this guide.


Spearzon Stat Points and Attributes

Strength Dexterity Vitality Energy
Enough for gear; around 165 total if using a War Pike Enough for gear; around 106 total if using a War Pike Everything else None

You can read more details about the Stats and Attribute requirements for this build on our Skills page.


Spearzon Gear

The following section shows some of the most important items for the Spearzon. For a detailed per-slot breakdown of all Spearzon items and alternative builds, refer to the Gear page of this guide.


Spearzon Breakpoints

In Diablo 2, stats that affect action speed (known as frames) for attacking, casting, blocking, and recovering from a hit can almost never be taken literally. For example, gaining 10% Increased Attack Speed from an item will not necessarily translate into 10% faster attacks. To achieve faster actions, certain breakpoints must be reached, which vary for every class. The tables below list how much of a given stat is required to actually improve the action speed of the class for the stated action.


Faster Hit Recovery Breakpoints

Hit Recovery Breakpoints
Frames to perform action 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4
Faster Hit Recovery required to reach frame 0% 5% 10% 16% 24% 37% 54% 86% 152% 360%

Spearzon Mercenary

You can either choose a Defensive (Holy Freeze Holy Freeze) or an Offensive (Might Might) Act 2 Nightmare Mercenary, depending on whether you want more slow and safety or want Might Might Aura for increased Damage. Additionally, you can run a Faith Act 1 Mercenary for the Fanaticism Fanaticism Aura.


Act 1 Mercenary


Act 2 Mercenary


Spearzon Early Leveling

The following section features a generic melee Amazon skill point progression.

  1. 1 point to Jab Jab
  2. Save all points until level 6
  3. 4 points to Power Strike Power Strike
  4. 12 points to Poison Javelin Poison Javelin
  5. 1 point to Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt at level 17
  6. All points to Charged Strike Charged Strike
  7. Either respec out of Poison Javelin now or keep allocating points to Charged Strike Charged Strike until level 30, and then respec to Charged Strike Charged Strike and Lightning Fury Lightning Fury

For more comprehensive leveling advice, please refer to our Amazon Fastest Leveling Build.



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