Omni-Gearing for Tank Jobs

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This page contains the all of the information for gearing multiple jobs that fall under the Tank role category.


Omni-Tank Best-in-Slot

This page is up to date as of Patch 6.4

Tank gear can be pretty easily shared between all tanks, using Skill Speed melds on the weapon or swapping foods to have different Skill Speeds on different jobs. Every tank can operate well at around 2.45 or 2.50 GCD.

Use the Tank Gear Calculator if you would like to create your own sets. Be mindful that due to the nature of the model the tankcalc uses, the DPS number cannot be meaningfully used to compare between different Skill Speed tiers and in real encounters.


Omni-Tank 2.50 GCD

Some job-specific notes:

  • Paladin: Meld the weapon with CRIT+DH instead of 2x CRIT
  • Gunbreaker: If you would rather play Gunbreaker with some skill speed, you can use Baba Ghanoush Icon Baba Ghanoush for food and use a savage ring melded DH+SKS over the unaugmented tome ring. This will put you at 2.46, where you should use No Mercy on cooldown rather than late weaving every one -- this will get you 9 No Mercy GCDs every other No Mercy.


  • 24 May 2023: Updated for 6.4.
  • 20 Apr. 2022: Guide added.
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