Americas Region Spring Championship Results

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The Americas Spring Championship took place over the weekend of 25-26 June, to decide who would represent the region alongside Amnesiac at the World Championship at BlizzCon later this year.

The eight players who qualified at the Americas Spring Preliminary last month played single elimination best of seven Conquest, with a ban, to determine the champion. Those players were Bradfordlee, Cydonia, Duane, DeerJason, Duane, Joster, Napoleon, PNC, and Rosty.

Going into the event, the two best known players were probably DeerJason, who reached the last sixteen of the Americas section in 2014, and Napoleon, who is a very active Twitch viewer who often chats in high profile channels. However, in the top half of the draw, Canadian player, Cydonia defeated each of them 4-3, starting with DeerJason in the quarter-final stage and then Napoleon in the semi-final.

In the lower half of the draw, Rosty was the player to battle through to the final. Rosty was one of the players to champion Dragon Warrior in the Preliminaries, and it served him well again at the main event. He overcame Bradfordlee 4-2, and then Joster 4-1 to set up a fascinating final between two players starting to make a name for themselves as strong contenders. They brought the following decks to the event:

Cydonia: C'Thun Druid, Mid Hunter, Aggro Shaman, Zoo Warlock, Dragon Warrior

Rosty: Hybrid Hunter, Freeze Mage, Mid Shaman, Zoo Warlock, Dragon Warrior

Rosty banned Warrior, while Cydonia banned Warlock.



In the first game of the final, Rosty's Shaman faced Cydonia's Druid. Cydonia had several different decisions to make, but all of them were slow. Rosty capitalised on this by mainly attacking straight to face, his choice paid off and he took a 1-0 lead. Cydonia stuck with the Druid for game two, and this time was able to set up enough Taunt minions to slow down Rosty's unusual Hunter. Analysts at the event considered that Rosty's Freeze Mage against Cydonia's Mid Hunter would be one of the most important games of the match. It was a very close game, and Rosty managed to win it by drawing an Arcane Intellect, which found him a Fireball the turn before he was about to die. This gave him a 2-1 lead in the match, and apparently favoured matchups remaining.

Cydonia's Shaman managed to successfully race Rosty's Hunter in game four, and the scores were once again level. Rosty then managed to re-establish his lead in game five, as his Dragon Warrior managed to clear Zoo off the board on turn four. Cydonia had a good matchup with Zoo against Hunter for game six, and took the match to a deciding game after a Young Dragonhawk that he got from Dark Peddler was buffed with two Power Overwhelmings, and attacked for 18 damage in one turn.

The final game was a Hunter mirror. Cydonia's deck was a more standard midrange deck, while Rosty's Hunter included Abusive Sergeant and Argent Squire for a faster start. Conventional wisdom is that the faster Hunter deck is more likely to win against the slower one. Rosty made a decision not to attack with his Eaglehorn Bow on the turn that he played it, and this ended up being a turning point, as the second bow attack was unable to get through a Misha that came from Cydonia's Animal Companion. This gave Cydonia an extra turn later in the game, with which he was able to win the game and claim his ticket to BlizzCon.

The VOD of the second day is available here.

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