Val'anyr Reveal: Kobolds & Catacombs

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Say what? The Legendary hammer, that healers could get in Ulduar, has found its place in Hearthstone in the hands of the Paladin class.

The card was revealed by IGN UK. You should check out the original source, since they have a nice video showing Val'anyr in action and explaining its story.


Image by Hearthpwn

First of all, I have two things to say from a lore perspective. In World of Warcraft this was a weapon all healer classes (Paladin, Priest, Druid and Shaman) could get, so it feels weird that it landed in Paladin's hands. They could have chosen, for example, The Silver Hand - the weapon wielded by Uther himself and the Holy Paladin artifact weapon in WoW.

Moreover, I think they missed the obvious healing synergy for this weapon, since they printed other healing cards for Paladin in K&C. I don't mind this one much, though, since I am not too sold on the whole Healadin archetype.

Anyway, moving on to the card itself, Val'anyr looks pretty powerful on paper. When the buffed minion dies, the weapon is directly equipped so you don't have to spend mana again. This blocks the Ooze counter, but the buffed minion can still be silenced. For a 4/2 weapon it is a bit expensive at 6-mana (see for example Hammer of Twilight and Death's Bite), but with that effect the slightly increased mana cost makes sense. We'll have to see how its power is translated into actual gameplay!

Three more Legenday weapons have yet to be revealed. Keep track of all the revealed cards and everything related to Kobolds & Catacombs in our expansion hub.

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First: It's definitely not a card where I could say "wow what a great legendary".

I think the high mana cost makes this thing less attractive but a lower mana cost might be too good. Still I think, besides the name and lore, it would do better being an epic card.

Besides being vulnerable to silence there is a lot of delay. Unless it gets destroyed you have to wait one turn to buff a minion, then you have to wait another turn to make use of this buffed minion. Furthermore it might not buff the minion you want. But the synergy with minions like Chillblade Champion and Saronite Chain Gang (both already see play in paladin decks) looks tempting.

And not everyone is running a ton of silence effects in their decks. So this thing has the potential to snowball nicely. Buffing a Saronite Chain Gang should give both the deathrattle, so in theory even if both die at the same time you should reequip the weapon, and again destroying the first, buffing a minion and still have a new 4/2 weapon equipped.

/edit: I'm still not impressed by this expansion.

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It's not a bad card, but I feel like paladin already has such a strong late game that it doesn't really need this. Not to mention it's a 100% RNG on which minion in your hand it lands on, and it could easily land on a target that was already already going to be silenced.


Also, if its a buffed tyrion that dies, will it equip Ashbringer and destroy this, or destroy ashbringer and equip this?

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Weak to silence, of course, but at the same time, if you can copy the minion the affect is applied to, OR trigger the deathrattle effect without the minion dying, it could become a rolling buffing thing.

For instance, you have 3 minions on board, one with the deathrattle effect. You then trigger the deathrattle with that one 5 mana cost 3/3 or whatever it is. You get Val'anyr, and another one on the minion with the deathrattle effect. If that minion dies, your val'anyr breaks when replaced, giving ANOTHER minion the buff, and you get another val'anyr. If it can stack up on the same minion, you can combo it to get a rolling.. idk, +20/10 buff spread throughout the board?

So, not weak to weapon removal, but is weak to silence. Weapon removal will be in almost every deck I feel. Silence may become more prevelant with all the understated minions with powerful effects, but that remains to be seen.

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Hmmm.  Seems like the value could be there for slower midrange decks.  Hard to say without seeing it in action.  Also, a lot of paladin things are weak to silence, Spikeridged SteedBonemareTirion FordringBlessing of Kings, the new legendary, probably a few other prominent things I am forgetting.  A silence on this isn't really that bad since it prevents something else from being silenced. 

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