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Hunter, Priest, and Rogue Spellstone Reveals: Kobolds & Catacombs

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The final three Spelllstones were revealed today on the official Hearthstone blog.


Revealed today on the official Hearthstone blog were the final Spellstones that had yet to be spoiled in Kobolds & Catacombs. The final Spellstones don't hint at a theme for their class in this expansion like some of the previous ones had, but I have high hopes for a couple of these cards all the same:


First up is the Hunter Spellstone, which seems like an obvious slam dunk in any Secret deck. The thing I like most about Emerald Spellstone is that its Lesser version is quite passable - two 3/3s for 5 mana isn't the worst deal in the world. Getting three or more Wolves for 5 mana is excellent, which makes me think that Emerald Spellstone will see quite a bit of play if Secret Hunter is a viable archetype in the next expansion.


The Priest Spellstone has a very different design than the rest of the lot. Its upgrade clause is quite generic, which should enable it to slot into a variety of decks. The fact that this card has a high cost means that generally means you won't want it in your hand early, but casting 4 spells takes work. This could potentially lead to some interesting decisions as to whether or not this card deserves to be kept in opening hands. The lesser version of this card isn't phenomenal in a standard Priest build, but an unupgraded Diamond Spellstone appears devastating in Big Priest. An already powerful deck in the current meta, I expect Big Priest to have some staying power thanks to this card.


The final Spellstone belongs to Rogue, and this one I'm a little less than excited about. Rogue has so many great ways to destroy minions (Vilespine SlayerBackstabAssassinate) that I have a hard time rationalizing why it would be in the market for an effect that destroys random ones. By the time that this spell reaches its Greater version it's quite strong, but playing 6 Deathrattle minions while this rots away in your hand will take quite a bit of time. I don't expect to see Onyx Spellstone around much.

Which of the new Spellstones are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comment section, and be sure to check out our Kobolds and Catacombs hub for more information on the upcoming expansion.

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1 hour ago, Aleco said:

Which of the new Spellstones are you most excited to try?

Actually, no spellstone make me excited, except maybe the priest's one, that doesn't excite me for his 800 dust cost.

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Hunter Spellstone: Looks balanced and has probably the easiest condition to be met for the upgrades out of all spellstones. We haven't seen many other hunter cards yet from K&C to know where this is heading. I am just being cautious about this spellstone because: 1) you need to have it in your hand, 2) I find it's mana cost slightly high for Hunter, 3) we haven't seen Secret Hunter in a while and 4) tbh Hunter has been terrible for ages now.

Priest Spellstone: Looks good on paper, will have to see play. It's actually Rare btw.

Rogue Spellstone: Total garbage. The condition is just ridiculous to be met and you have to build your deck around it. Even the upgraded effect may be useless, since the board may not have more than one minion. It's completely ineffective against aggro decks. Why did they print Assassinate v.2. when the original card is hardly ever played?

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1 hour ago, Dejo93 said:

Ah, the last days of Cloaked Huntress in Standard :)

Well, most of all the secrets are trash or not that great and without Cloaked Huntress, as well as Cat Trick (unless there will come something to compensate for it) secret hunter (which was never seen often) will not be a thing anymore. Eaglehorn Bow is barely reason enough to put useless secrets in your deck. Until then I think the hunter spellstone (which I think is good but boring) will see some play.

Priest Spellstone: This one will not be easy to play and it's impact will vary a lot depending on the deck and the minions in it. I think it can range from bad (in badly constructed decks), over being ok (in an average deck) to being too strong (in a well constructed deck). I'm not happy about the design of this card. Poorly made.

Rogue Spellstone: 

8 minutes ago, Zadina said:

Rogue Spellstone: Total garbage.


K&C keeps disappointing me most of the time.

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In a few days will be down to Hunter and Paladin left to Golden up... Secret Hunter here I come!

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I'd rather the Hunter wolves grew in stats instead of summoning more of them. This would allow them to grow out of some AoE's range.

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As far as I know most secret hunter decks use only a few secrets that means you will often be in the situation to have the SS and no secret or you already played some secrets then get your SS and your last secret(s) are at the bottom of you deck.

Four wolves might look nice but except for the rare cases where you play Cloaked Huntress on turn 3 plus two secrets and coin it out on turn 4 it might be too weak. Pretty much what Oxygen said :)

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Hunter spellstone looks plain unplayable. Four 3\3s will be easily cleared by so many AOE's\blocked by spreading plague and they aren't easy to get. I hoped for a good secret synergy card like Drakonid Operative for dragon priest in MSG... Nope...

Priest spellstone... I may start playing Leeroy Jenkins everywhere just to give big priest welps

Rogue spellstone is... at least I can try it in my fun wild renoN'zoth rogue deck.

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Rogue one is disgusting, and not in a good way.  Priest one seems kind of bad.  Big priest will probably run 1 copy of it, but for general use in more standard control decks, I don't know if the value to pain in the ass ratio is worth it, especially when I knew it! is commonly ran in almost every variation of control priest.  Hunter one seems okay.  Doubt it will be enough to make secret hunter viable, but it will definitely see play in every secret hunter deck.

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