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Storm Chaser Reveal: The Boomsday Project

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Another Shaman card from The Boomsday Project has just been unveiled.

Storm Chaser was uncovered by PolyHS on YouTube. The video is in Italian.



Shaman doesn't have that many expensive spells: from the already existing cards in Standard, we have Bloodlust, Volcano and Lesser Sapphire Spellstone and there's also Eureka! that will be available once The Boomsday Project releases. Perhaps we can see Storm Chaser as part of a combo Malygos Shaman OTK deck. Overload Shaman has also seen some play recently and it looks like it will receive more support with cards like Thunderhead , but you probably want to have the Spellstone in your hand before playing Storm Chaser.

Overall, this card seems to have limited - but perhaps effective - uses in Standard. We'll need to see if Shaman will have more expensive spells revealed and we are waiting especially for the Shaman Legendary spell! What do you, guys and gals, think?

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Could be good. A 4 mana 3/4 draw a card is really strong, especially if you can sculpt your deck to only have strong proactive 5 cost spells in it (don't think that is possible currently, but something like Kara Kazham! would be good).  If you need to tutor up a specific spell that costs 5 or more, this card is great.  Might end up being a "third" bloodlust in aggro shaman.  Also being even, it might end up being strong enough to go into even shaman if they can find a 6+ cost spell to include.  I think this card has a high possibility of seeing play by virtue of being a Gnomish Inventor with +1/+1. 

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