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Galvanizer Reveal: The Boomsday Project

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Another cute Mech has just been unveiled!

MrYagut revealed Galvanizer on YouTube. The video is in German with English subtitles.


Galvanizer is the Fire Plume Harbinger for Mechs and a more balanced version of Mechwarper. It's probably going to be run in Mech and Magnetic decks. Galvanizer can reduce the cost of Mecha'thun, thus allowing the latter to be killed off by Naturalize or Dark Pact in the same turn. There's not much else to say about this cute card: if Mech decks are good, this is probably good and vice versa.

This is the last day of the community reveals and there seems to be an upset with the schedule. After Subject 9 was leaked earlier than expected, PCGamesN haven't still done their own reveal (which was supposed to happen an hour ago). Anyway, we are expecting three more cards to be revealed today and tomorrow there is the final live stream, where the entire set from The Boomsday Project will be unveiled!

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This card seems too weak to be played fairly.  It just isn't worth a slot in your deck really.  Might see some play if there is a specific magnetize combo that requires a reduction in cost as well.  

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