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The Witch Teaser

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One more teaser for the upcoming expansion (?) is out, with the announcement of the expansion itself probably coming within this week.

So, it turns out we were wrong about our Magatha Grimtotem prediction, as the next villain that the Fortune Teller calls is the more obvious choice of Hagatha from The Witchwood.

The Fortune Teller hints at one last villain to be called and it is definitely going to be Dr. Boom! We therefore have bad guys from all recent expansions, apart from Rastakhan's Rumble who didn't really feature a villain (apart from Rexxar on ladder). It is interesting how two of these villains - Hagatha the Witch and Dr. Boom, Mad Genius - are hero cards that will still be around in Standard. It's hard to see two Hagathas and especially a third iteration of Dr. Boom being playable cards, so perhaps these teasers are indeed aimed at the single player content or just the general lore of the Year of the Dragon.

Another thing we should notice is that even though the Fortune Teller clearly says that Dr. Boom is the last she is going to call, she still holds a fifth unrevealed card. Most people think that the last card will be the player, who will incarnate a villain in the upcoming expansion. After all, today marks Hearthstone's 5th anniversary and five bad guys seem much more appropriate.

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The pattern looks clear to me. King Togwaggle was one of the possible final bosses of Kobolds and Catacombs 's Dungeon Run solo content. Hagatha the Witch was the final boss of The Witchwood's Monster Hunt solo content. And Dr. Boom was the final boss of The Boomsday Project's solo puzzles.

Therefore I very much doubt that the last card will be the player. Most likely, the last card will be another villain boss, which appeared after The Boomsday Project. So, either one from Rumble Run (but there is no "final" boss there, so it's not clear which one that would be; Zul'jin would be the most likely, as he also is a hero card, same as Hagatha and Dr. Boom) or from the upcoming expansion. King Togwaggle was a card too, albeit not a playable hero card.

The fortune teller is revealing 5 cards, and there will be 5 chapters in the upcoming solo adventure. So my take is that each character revealed in the teaser will be the player's opponent in one chapter of the solo adventure.

I'm just not too sure what to do with the fortune teller herself. I'm not playing Hearthstone for too long, but I can't remember any fortune teller character card. So she would be new in the game. She could be the (presumably easy) opponent of the 1st chapter. Or maybe she will be the really bad villain from the new expansion, and the (presumably hard) opponent of the last chapter of the solo adventure. After all, there is no guarantee that the order in which she reveals the cards is meaningful. She claims that she has been called by someone else, but after all, she is the one telling the story, so she might as well be the brain behind the evil plan. A la The Usual Suspects.

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