Hagatha the Witch Monster Hunt Guide

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Hagatha the Witch is the boss of the Final Challenge of The Witch, unlocked after completing Monster Hunt with each of the 4 Monster Hunters.

Hagatha the Witch

Hero Power



The Final Challenge combines the power of all 4 Monster Hunters in order to defeat Hagatha, the Witch. You will start using Houndmaster Shaw and will have powerful Hero cards for Toki, Time-Tinker, Darius Crowley, and Tess Greymane added to your hand.

You will start with a deck of 12 cards belonging to Houndmaster Shaw. Each time you play a Hero card in the game, you will add 12 more cards to your deck, belonging to that specific Monster Hunter. Also, playing a Hero card deals board-wide damage equal to that Hero's Mana cost, meaning that you should try to find opportunities to play them that will not also wipe your own board.

The cards added to your deck for each Monster Hunter are as follows:

Houndmaster Cards Time-Tinker Cards Cannoneer Cards Tracker Cards
Houndmaster Treasures Time-Tinker Treasures Cannoneer Treasures Tracker Treasures
  • Crystal Gem
  • Lunar Signet
  • First Aid Kit
  • Double Time
  • Expedite
  • Robe of the Magi
  • Tactical Reinforcements
  • Pillage the Fallen
  • Entrenchment
  • Cult of the Wolf
  • Sticky Fingers
  • Cloak of Invisibility

The boss will use Ritual Dagger in the fight, which, in combination with Bewitch and the 100 Health of the boss, will result in a very long fight no matter what strategy is used.



While the fight may seem long and complex, it can be made significantly easier through good choices of passive Treasures.

Of the first three Treasures available. Crystal Gem gem is generally the best choice, allowing you to gain access to the stronger Monster Hunters much faster. First Aid Kit is reasonable and provides some sustain throughout the fight. Lunar Signet is a weak choice as there are not many Deathrattle minions present throughout the decks of all 4 Monster Hunters.

As you start to play out your initial deck, you should look for a strong opportunity to play Toki, Time-Tinker to take advantage of the AoE effect. Upon doing so, you will receive another choice of passive Treasures. Double Time is an excellent Treasure and should always be the priority, as it provides great synergy with cards in the decks of all Monster Hunters. Expedite is generally a weak choice, as you will not have access to many minions to flood the board outside of Hunting Mastiff. Robe of the Magi is a reasonable choice to help control the board, but it is much weaker than Double Time.

With the additional passive Treasure from Toki, you should have much better control over the board. However, you will eventually lose control and should look for a strong opportunity to play Darius Crowley or Tess Greymane.

Darius Crowley is an optional choice due to a fairly underwhelming set of Treasure choices. Pillage the Fallen is a good source of value throughout the game if you have a weapon immediately available. If you have no weapon, Entrenchment is a much stronger choice. Entrenchment is also a strong pick if you choose to pick First Aid Kit at the start of the fight. The last Treasure, Tactical Reinforcements, is very poor and offers no benefit to other Monster Hunters and therefore should never be picked.

After you have either used Toki or Darius, you should eventually find yourself with an opportunity to play Tess Greymane to clear the board and gain your final Treasure. Cult of the Wolf is by far the best option available and will provide you with a consistent supply of cards for the rest of the fight. Cult of the Wolf also pairs excellently with the previous option of Double Time. Sticky Fingers is a reasonable Treasure choice, but effectively generates half the amount of cards as Cult of the Wolf. The final Treasure, Cloak of Invisibility, is terrible. The cloaking effect works against you and negates many of the Taunt minions you have available, forcing the boss to attack directly into your relatively low amount of Health.

Once you have access to Tess and the Cult of the Wolf and Double Time Treasures, the encounter becomes fairly straightforward to grind out. You should use Scavenge as much as possible to access spells to control the board, taking into consideration the effect of Double Time when ordering your spells. You will be playing out the rest of the encounter using Shaman spells generated by Bewitch. However, you should keep an eye out for Call of the Wild, which can consistently dominate the board when combined with Double Time.



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