King Togwaggle Dungeon Run Guide

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King Togwaggle is one of the five possible final bosses available on the level 8 of the Kobolds and Catacombs Dungeon Run.

King Togwaggle

Hero Power

Magic Candle


King Togwaggle starts the fight with 2 Mana, enabling the Magic Candle Hero Power to be cast for 3 Mana at the beginning of the first turn. The Hero Power provides the boss a copy of a random Treasure card, which are the same as those offered to the player periodically throughout the Dungeon Run. The sheer strength of these cards means the boss can snowball out of control very quickly.

The Boss deck mostly consists of unspectacular Kobold cards as well as many cards from the Rogue class such as Eviscerate. However, this is largely irrelevant as the boss primarily relies on playing the many Treasure cards that it generates from its Hero Power each turn.



Due to the large discrepancy in strength between Treasure cards, the boss has the potential to end the game very quickly if it manages to get hold of and early treasure like Boots of Haste or Bag of Coins, so it is in your best interest to in the game as quickly as possible to prevent this from happening.

The boss has a very high priority for casting Magic Candle and will often waste the first couple of turns doing so, which provides a little breathing room at the start of the fight. You should use this time to develop the strongest board possible to enable you to start dealing damage to the boss . The random nature of treasures means it is possible to have your board cleared by either THE CANDLE or Wand of Disintegration, however the urgency to end the fight as quickly as possible means this risky is usually worth taking.

When close to killing the boss, it is important to keep up the maximum amount of damage by continuing to prioritise playing minions and holding back any direct damage. It is also worth holding back a source of removal, as in addition to the previously mentioned Treasures, the Boss has the potential to play Portable Ice Wall at any point, which can easily stop you dead in your tracks as you begin to run out of cards.



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