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Hi folks, with new expansion and getting a few freebie packs etc, for various things, my list of legendaries has grown.

Just wondered if some of you could cast an eye over the list and give me an idea of the 'good' ones or indeed which ones to ignore (although I have got an idea on some of them). I was advised on the ones I had (7) prior to the expansion, be nice to see if that advice has changed due to shadows.  I think I been Pretty lucky in the number of Legendaries (23) I have in total, but is the quality any good ?  

(No Priest or Shaman Legendaries at all)


Druid:  Floop's Glorious Gloop   Keeper Stalladris    Wardruid Loti

Hunter: Halazzi, the Lynx   Oblivitron   Zul'jin

Mage: Archmage Antonidas   Kalecgos

Paladin: Commander Rhyssa   High Priest Thekal    Tirion Fordring

Rogue: Heistbaron Togwaggle

Warlock: Arch-Villain Rafaam   Fel Lord Betrug

Warrior: Grommash Hellscream   The Boom Reaver

Neautral: Archmage Vargoth   Barista Lynchen   Dollmaster Dorian   Baron Geddon

                 Archivist Elysiana   Da Undatakah   Onyxia   









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Let me give you a quick breakdown:

Floop's Glorious Gloop needs a deck build around it is is rather useless overall.

Keeper Stalladris is an excellent value generator and a 'keeper'.   

Wardruid Loti suffers from the Druid of the Claw syndrome. Is it a good card? Yes. Is it good enough for constructed? Nope.

Halazzi, the Lynx is pretty decent in any face Hunter deck.

Oblivitron is decent enough in Mech Hunter but not that great overall.   

Zul'jin is a powerhouse and almost an auto-include in Standard right now.

Archmage Antonidas needs a deck built around him, but is a very good card overall. 

Kalecgos is a bit situational and tends to be limited to more control-oriented decks, but a strong card.

Commander Rhyssa is (obviously) only good in secret paladin.

High Priest Thekal is hard to use.

Tirion Fordring is arguably the best card in the entire game.

Heistbaron Togwaggle is one of the core cards in lackey rogue, and quite strong.

Arch-Villain Rafaam is ultimately pretty weak. Random legendaries without synergies are often just bad, and Rafaam is just a YOLO play when you're about to lose anyway, to see if RNGesus can be bothered to bless you and steal a win somehow.

Fel Lord Betrug is situational, but quite strong in Shuffle Lock.

Grommash Hellscream is a solid card.

The Boom Reaver is rather bad.

Archmage Vargoth is a strong card in the right circumstances (token druid, ressurect priest).

Barista Lynchen is a good card in slower decks.

Dollmaster Dorian is only good in very specific decks, but is a core cards in those.  

Baron Geddon has been overshadowed long ago as boardclear, not bad but not very useful those days.

Archivist Elysiana is a staple of control decks aiming for fatigue and a very good card.

Da Undatakah needs a deck built around him.

Onyxia is just bad.   

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